Full Moon in Taurus 2017

TaurusFullMoonFull Moon in Taurus 2017 “For the Love of Money” The O’Jays

The Full Moon in Taurus has been a bit of a wrecking ball in a haunted hall, with the Full Moon in Taurus falling during Halloween, when all souls past and present, dead and alive, reconvene during the howling Full Moon.  The Full Moon in Taurus celebrates the last Full Moon harvest, a final reaping of what was sown, gathering all the last bits of growth to store for the coming cold winter months.

The Full Moon in Taurus points to stability, security, money, cash flow, possessions, commodities and valuables. Taurus focus is on values and something of value, what is valued, how it is appraised or estimated of value or underestimated and how one values themselves or something or sees something as worthy or worthless, appreciated or depreciated.  When you value something, you prize it, treasure it and nurture it, which helps it grow and thrive. Either one values themselves, feeling they deserve anything, and get what is expected or tolerate and accept pennies or crumbs.

Taurus sees the nourishment given for something to grow. Accounting and counting your pennies, balancing the books, budgeting and creating a nest egg of funds to have on a rainy day. Saving, securing and taking care of basic needs can turn into resorting to survival tactics and behaviors  such as greed, hoarding and getting territorial, leaving one stuck and a slave to a sense of entitlement and ownership. Struggling to survive poses challenges to move up the food chain to free themselves for creative and freeing actions.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign that focuses on the here and now, what’s real, tangible, grounded and practical. Count on Taurus for reliable, constant presence.  Venus ruled Taurus, at its best, has a sense of ease, feeling secure and safe with enough financial substance that can then relax into pleasure and rest, and calm the savage beast.  Taurus message of slow and steady finds a flow of resources that continually replenish, with an inner trust that there will always be enough with an attraction vibration open to receive, allowing an inner sense of deserving an earning.

The Full Moon in Taurus aligns into a supportive cradle pattern with Neptune Pisces that adds some  softness to any hard edges, slowing down the pace, seeking to retreat to a quiet place.  The Full Moon in Taurus is a great time to pamper yourself, replenish, renew and heal with a salve of gentle ease.  This Taurus Full Moon is reminding to take time to distress and decompress, where you may want to just hide at home or cuddle in your comfort zone, surrendering to sensual sensations and serene surroundings. Taurus focus on tactile touch is a great time to treat yourself to a full body massage.

Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra, is currently in Libra where Venus is comfortable and pleasing however Venus is activated by Uranus square Pluto, seen with intense and stressful encounters. Venus oppose Uranus shows up with unpredictable, erratic, stormy and abrupt conditions, especially in relations with distancing, feeling an itch for a change of scene. Mercury and Mars are somewhat out of the loop not making any major aspects thus leaving some room for a time out to take a break from any major actions (Mars) or communications (Mercury).





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