New Moon in Aries 2017

NewMoonAriesNew Moon in Aries 2017 “Start Me Up” Rolling Stones

The New Moon in Aries, ruled by Mars, is the sign post of the 1st stirrings of spring with rebirth and new beginnings.  Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac ushering in the New Year for the zodiac. Aries is raging hot to trot with spontaneous combustion to start things up, with “I will” affirmations.  Aries is one step ahead, ready and able to forge ahead and spring forward with assertive conviction (positive) or aggressive anger (negative).

The New Moon in Aries March 27th at 7 degrees is a new open road and always a time when spring is sprung and in the air with an Aries force of nature bursting everywhere. An Aries refreshing new cycle gears up for a time to rebuild and reinvent with renewal and rebirth. The restlessness and anticipation in the air is ready and ripe for new action and Aries paves the way for what’s next. Aries helps lead the way into beginning again out in the forefront taking the helm, headstrong and willful. Aries fuels with energetic spirit and fights the good fight with bravery and courage, getting into action.

Venus is a focal point of the New Moon as the New Moon in Aries rides along with Venus Retrograde in Aries. With Venus Aries retrograde, new plans and shifts in direction are afoot with more retroactive, restorative strategies, reviewing and renegotiating decisions.  Venus retrograde with Venus in Aries is in its detriment drawing out the shadow with fierceness and raw emotions, ripe for expression, making for a bumpy ride that’s rough around the edges.  Venus in Aries in detriment is challenged with introspection with more emphasis on demanding, pressing issues eager for confrontation, forcing any toxic issue to the surface.

All the verve and vim of Aries is a perfect recipe for burnout as the New Moon in Aries stumbles along stifled with Venus retrograde in Aries holding back the reigns. Venus, typically associated with balance, fairness, cooperation, values, self worth and relating is under review at this time, tested with Venus Aries ram like qualities of “you can go your own way” with any flack and differences that agree to disagree. Venus Aries is less inclined to the social graces of reciprocation, pretty smiles or pleasant exchanges, seeing past all the niceties or false fronts to the crux of any matter.  Venus Aries is ready to slice and dice any relation or circumstance that doesn’t hold value or worth which will become more evident when Venus turns direct and squares Saturn mid April.

Jupiter Libra is square Pluto Capricorn this week, further adding fuel to the Aries fire, on high alert, raising the bar and any alarm bells, upping the ante with power struggles (Pluto) to keep balance, cooperation, collaboration, fairness, equality and peaceful resolution (Jupiter Libra) airing out grievances and disagreements.  Jupiter Libra square Pluto Capricorn will continue into the Full Moon in Libra April 10th, where any animosity or aggravation may see full expression.

Mars Taurus tempers the Aries flames with a steady, even keeled, pleasure earthy focus and is a welcome reminder during this Aries rush that patience is a virtue.  Mars Taurus continues to soften any blows while in aspect to Neptune and finds strengthened purpose in aspect to Pluto into mid April.

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