New Moon in Leo 2017

New Moon in Leo 2017New Moon in Leo 2017 “Rise Up” Parachute Club

The New Moon in Leo July 23rd starts the grand entrance into eclipse season with Leo/Aquarius. Many solar storms lately is timely for Leo (ruler Sun) putting on a stunning solar show with  unusual Northern Lights.  The New Moon in Leo sits on the first degree point of Leo (0), very fitting as the dramatic burst of Leo sunshine into the Leo eclipse season. The New Moon Leo join Mars Leo brings with it a strong martial energy of take action, leadership, creative inspiration and also pride that goeth before the fall just as any arrogance will only make you small. Sun join Mars is heady with potential ego clashes, competition, one – upmanship.

Leo fire is full on desire with a fervent absurd need to be heard. Leo expression must speak with no time to be meek. Leo, ruled by the Sun, has a natural inclination to shine, inspire, and be the center of attention. Leo is a fixed sign, so energy is bound and not getting the run around. Mercury is also in Leo on the heels of its shadow, ready to go retrograde, slowing down during the upcoming eclipses in August. Any plans now put in place may find a reset and a change of pace. Mercury Leo makes a positive aspect to Uranus keeping communications lively and amped up with an earnest flavor to savor, holding onto your thoughts, with profound insights.

The New Moon in Leo join Mars Leo square Uranus has a sparkle that wants to party and find fun, to stray and disobey and to play on the drum all day.  The New Moon in Leo in hard line to Uranus shakes and wakes things up from anything dull, stale or dead with an edge of strange and breaking away change from anything stuck with a middle finger of not giving a f%%#, where rules are for fools who just become tools. The New Moon in Leo is wired for sound upping the ante on protest, rebellion with a high alert appeal riding on a banana peel, off the rails onto new trails.  Sudden shifts, chaos, abrupt turns with a swift swerve on a curve, a fight with a hard bite, a fall from grace that can blow up in your face.

The New Moon just separating from a square to Uranus is piped up and piqued and is accident prone as things are shifting at lightning speed, requiring quick agile response. Energies are bursting at the seams, while distracting light beams are in your face with everything all over the place in utter chaos, out of sight from anything uptight, spoiling for a fight to set things right.

Both the Sun and Uranus are key players of the New Moon and the Leo/ Aquarius eclipses the next two years as Leo (Sun ruled) and Aquarius (Uranus ruled) dictate which way the wind blows. Uranus is the devil’s advocate with an agenda to debate, negotiate, set straight with an exercise in free will to take the high hill. With both Sun and Uranus in fire signs, energy is active, engaged, enthused, enthralled, excited, experimental, energetic and eager.





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