New Moon in Taurus 2017

New Moon in TaurusNew Moon in Taurus 2017 “Garden Party” Rick Nelson

The New Moon in Taurus is set to go green as all the greenery in nature begins to present its beautiful glory. During the Taurus sojourn, gardening season begins as Taurus is a fertile earth sign. The New Moon in Taurus is particularly timely for all seeding and beginning a new growth season (as all new moons are). As gardening by the Moon is timely, guiding all practices and initiatives during a New Moon then proves fruitful at the subsequent Full Moon.  Any ritual to seed and begin to grow any plan or venture is very optimal at this time as material, physical manifestation has extra support from earth bound Taurus.

In Taurus we celebrate earth’s return to rebirth and bloom.  The earth is prepared and ready for planting of seeds and beginning our growth for the season.  Whatever aims, plans and direction that began at the Aries New Moon takes on foundation and solid footing at the Taurus New Moon.   The New Moon in Taurus is always a time of grounding and nurture to the earth. Taurus takes it a few notches down with a practical, steady, even tempered, one step at a time flow.  Taurus is not hurried and practices patience, where Rome was not built in a day.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, emphasizing the colors of Venus (green and pink), where the love vibration is strong as well as prosperity, serenity, balance of the heart chakra, health, rejuvenation and replenishment. The sacral chakra is also potent with Taurus as a sensual sign with acute attention to scents, sounds and tactile touch. Enhanced aromas, sensuality, pleasure and sexuality soothe the body, mind and soul with some needed R&R.

Taurus guides toward being present, still and aware in the here and now. Venus ruled Taurus has a softer touch with a calm vibration that moves to a slower pace and rhythm. Energy might seem more lazy and unhurried.  Taurus as an earth sign is great for grounding and practical matters, sorting finances, budgeting, planning on any beautifying and decorating and entails some type of combination of comfort with style.

Venus has been on top of mind lately as Venus ruled the Libra Full Moon a few weeks ago followed by  Venus also ruling the New Moon in Taurus.  Venus retrograde has emphasized Venus matters that may have been particularly telling in any revisits with relations, cooperation, negotiation and mediation.  Venus retrograde is still in cycle, just recently completing its station while Venus continues in its shadow cycle until mid May, where Venus dips back into Aries end of April.

As Venus retrograde begins to move forward, it’s a great time to start preparing, planning, shopping and looking for more items whether for gardening, painting and any last minute to dos however don’t actually make changes or major purchases until Mid May as both Venus and Mercury move forward as if you make a big change now, you might find by Mid May you find something better.

Mercury retrograde continues into May which adds to the Taurus sweet spell of slow motion although with Mercury in Aries, taking initiative and directing action with plans keeps up a fired up energetic momentum and drive to get things done.  Mercury Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius, adding to structured, disciplined and responsible communications.  Due to Mercury retrograde, gathering of information and research may be pertaining to digging up historical records, revisiting the past, listening to old songs and meeting with old friends.

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