New Moon in Virgo 2017

NewMoonVirgoNew Moon in Virgo 2017 “Dirty Work” Steely Dan

The New Moon in Virgo today is prepping up, just in time for the Autumn Equinox just around the corner, September 23rd.  The New Moon in Virgo is always the right time to clean house, clear the clutter, fix and correct, find efficiency, make improvements.  The New Moon Virgo is lined up with a stellium of Virgo (Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars) giving an extra boost of Virgo to get the fall season started with a clean new slate.

The New Moon in Virgo sees new beginnings with work, pets, health, duties and routines. Virgo servitude and duty finds a sense of purpose in being useful.  Virgo is the sign of service and the servant, doing their daily duties diligently whether with the daily grind or in the grunt work and dirty jobs. Virgo, a mutable, earth energy, ruled by Mercury, finds most satisfaction using their hands and getting busy whether tackling the messes, digging in the dirt, hence any earth, grounding, nature ritual during Virgo, is most effective.

With such a predominance of Virgo, its especially timely to address all the enabling, sloppiness, denial, complicity, sweep out all the debris under the carpet, expose all the dirt and dust bunnies in the hidden corners, call out the hypocrisy and deception needing rectification, intervention, purging toxins, chemicals (alcohol, processed foods, sugar, perfumed laced products, toxic energies and people) and detox the excess poisons to the body and mind.

The New Moon Virgo is separating from a square to Saturn Sagittarius, leaving behind a trail of strict, rigid, clear lines being drawn with consequences relating to work and health.  Virgo afflicted can get bent out of shape with any disorder, disorganization or distortion, allowing little to no wiggle room.  With Saturn in the afflicted mix, there is sense of discouragement, depression and disappointment with Saturn hard knocks of time to pay the piper whether through sickness from abusing health, exposing lies and deceptions, enacting discipline and regiments to see improvement.

The New Moon in Virgo opposes Chiron Pisces, and inconjunct Uranus Aries accentuating any pain and suffering, further drawing out any Virgo strain.  Virgo is associated with the 6th house of health and the inconjunct aspect (150 degrees) which entails some type of uncomfortable adjustment, where it is necessary to take action that is not often welcome or flowing that requires some type of sacrifice in order to move toward improvement (diet, exercise, improved work performance, discipline, moderation).

Jupiter Libra opposes Uranus Aries the next few weeks further showing sudden, unexpected turns of events that can be shocking (especially unpleasant to those natal charts hit by this aspect) just as Jupiter  is on its last run in Libra the next few weeks moving into Scorpio mid October 2017.  When Jupiter is afflicted, judgement can be skewed, with impulsive reactions and excessive actions.  Uranus afflicted shows up with upheaval, restlessness, anxiety (watch accidents, stormy weather, radical moves and rebellion gone amok).

Mercury (ruler of Virgo) just leaves it retrograde shadow and joins Mars Virgo oppose Neptune Pisces.  Energies and actions are more lethargic, unmotivated,  communications misunderstood, misinterpreted,  lacking conviction and certainty,  sensitivities to toxins are more pronounced.

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