Solar Eclipse in Virgo 2016

Solar Eclipse in Virgo 2016Solar Eclipse in Virgo 2016 “The Damage is Done” Foreigner

The Solar Eclipse in Virgo is culminating many cycles set up to purify and reset paths.  This is an annular Solar Eclipse which focuses on the north node (future) and a time to make peace with your past, stop crying over spilled milk and dragging the ball and chain behind you to free yourself to be a better and improved lighter version of your essential self, without all the accumulated residue.  What is the past is done, and it’s time to look to the future and follow your compass true north.

The date of the eclipse (Sept 1 2016) breaks down to a single digit number 1.  In numerology, number 1 is a brand new cycle all the more pushing us forward to new beginnings as all New Moons and Solar Eclipses intend to. As with all eclipses, the balancing of poles (north and south node) come into play which essentially means weighing in paradox and polarity, that keep us open to different perception, perspectives, values and choices.

The Solar Eclipse in Virgo forms a tsquare with Saturn Neptune and Mars, along with a Thors Hammer with Uranus, upping the ante on anxiety, shaky ground and uncertainty.  Saturn (accountability, boundaries, responsibility, consequence, cause and effect, and Sagittarius (judgement, laws, discrimination, opinions, media, publishing). Saturn square Neptune  (heavy toil, somber, stuck, fatigue, worrying and testing and pressing on harsh realities, struggles,  limits, denials,  loneliness, bitterness).

Saturn square Neptune, on this merry go round of messed up the last year, is moving on from this Neptune slippery fish and down in the dumps Saturn, a welcome sigh of relief.  Mars in this tsquare with Saturn conflict all coming to a head (frustration, tedious, muscle spasms and cramps, headaches, aggravation, busted, hard lessons). Neptune (deception, distraction, blind spots, confusion delusion) rowdy, unruly and loaded with recrimination and cockamamey BS (Rio Robbery-energy all lined up with Ryan Lochte chart ). (Italian earthquake), crossbows violence! (Sagittarius).

The main theme of the Solar Eclipse in Virgo is logic and common sense. The information age and the use of technology is stirring up continuous myths, stories, conspiracies and propaganda. Mercury rules the Solar eclipse and just turned retrograde which accelerates all the Virgo necessity to cull and sift through all kinds of communications, media, needing critical weeding and discernment. The Solar Eclipse in its tsquare, has the missing leg of Gemini where thinking, reason, impartiality and detachment is lacking.  Journalism is a completely different animal now with online publication where social media, digital media and sharing of information lacks fact finding while prompting and manipulating emotional contagion further accelerated with trolls and online vitriol.

Virgo’s role is to simply, find efficiency, get clarity, cleanse and clear the path ahead. Much of what curtails and stops forward successful motion is falling back into unhealthy bad habits, haunting past memories and emotions, attitudes and energy vampire mental trolls that keep dragging you down. The Solar Eclipse in Virgo is ideal for a major detox to prune, weed, shed, download and unload. Use a sweeping ritual to banish all the accumulated crap and cut the chords that bind you, the past hurts that surround you, releasing and letting go of what doesn’t align with you including all toxic chemicals, toxic jobs, toxic thoughts, toxic diets, toxic relationships, toxic habits…  I live with the 80/20 and healthy work play balance (80% healthy, work and 20% treats, joy, play).

The Virgo Solar Eclipse is top of mind with pets, work, health and these eclipses will emphasize major new beginnings and endings in these areas which can feel like all work no play, slogging it out in a grind. Service oriented Virgo is best used for support and service and the Virgo remedy for anything is to get busy to keep the mind on tasks (however humble) to make one feel useful and take one away from worry and anxiety. Virgo is an earth sign and the sign of the harvest, using Virgo gifts to get grounded, with simple, practical solutions.

Virgo rules over work and labor and it’s no coincidence that Labor Day falls during the Virgo sojourn.   Virgo can get lost in the details, perfection, facts and striving for order all ideal but to keep in mind we are not perfect (Pisces south node) with a new view of perfection, and taking all imperfections as the new perfect, making mistakes is part of the journey as all those mistakes and failure needed to happen as a learning curve in order to get to the successes.

Virgo emphasis on health reminds us that health is the greatest richness and gift that no money, fame or success can top.  If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.  During this eclipse much stress is around skin, knees, bones, teeth, aging, arthritis, mental health (bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD), negativity, depression (Saturn) and digestion, assimilation. IBS irritable bowel syndrome is a growing issue and it’s really at the core about what’s eating you and irritation and working with this emotion. The health and the state of the earth is also showing its response with earthquakes, floods and storms.

Frugal, simple, efficient living (recycling) and your carbon footprint are all Virgo topics. A new generation is turning over a new leaf, living with less, using less water, gas, space, clutter (deterring from driving around in SUV’s and gas guzzlers just because gas is cheap especially when you don’t need to and do you need high priced Saks $1200 shoes)?  Clutter Feng Shui, clear your space and junk. The move from the industrial revolution to the technology revolution face the next leap away from fossil fuels and more renewable energy and it’s short term sacrifice for long term benefits.

Virgo brings more attention to pets and Pet Peeves, toxic situations that reach a climax.  Pets and work mates are like children and family to many especially those who never had their own children. Many find bonds with pets much more emotionally soothing than those with people as pets connect and bond on a level that emphasizes unconditional love to the max.

This Virgo eclipse energy sees some serious issues with animals and pets gone amok (Mars-wild animals, prey), people hiking alone in forests are being attacked more and more. I am a big hiker but I always hike with big groups in the deep forests, knowing we are in wild country, with bears and cougars.  One of my greatest pet peeves is irresponsible pet owners. Surely pets are protectors and there are nasty people, however many pets are not trained and off leash, putting others at risk. A post was going around saying judge a person by how an animal reacts to them yet how do you explain a vicious attack on a helpless baby or child or an innocent bystander.

With Pisces and Neptune on the south node, bias and emotions are skewing rational and detached decisions, with increased delusion, deception and confusion in a downward spiral, and more addictions, floods, Big Pharma exploitation, price gouging, vaccines controversy,  unregulated drugs, doping scandals, scams, being duped, poisoned water (Flint) (Rio Brazil), more tragic migrant sea travel, drowning, rip tides, sleep disturbance, apathy and poverty.

Neptune Pisces on the south node sees more spiritual practices and raising consciousness, do good, idealistic but often without concrete plans and substance. Pisces is connected to the crown chakra and if  too much emphasis is on ideals without grounded, sensible plans, unruly chaos and disorder runs amok.  Too many  brand themselves healers or helpers who are not practicing what they preach and words do not match energy or actions. Spiritual healers who themselves are so messed up with fanatical nonsensical practices need to raise their own vibration and consciousness or heal themselves before looking to guide others, lest leading them astray with nonsense.

Some very challenging transits are passing now as Saturn square Neptune, Uranus square Pluto, separate. The lesson plan is, as much as we may be able to jump through hoops or over hurdles, we can’t get through without going from point A to Z, needing to go through the steps and process, through the trials of unconsciousness, to become more conscious and evolve. Learning from mistakes, going through tragedies and destruction, seem to be a given as a way of waking more up to move along, onward and forward the evolution path.


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