Taurus SuperMoon

Taurus SuperMoon

Taurus SuperMoon

Taurus SuperMoon  “Division Bell” Pink Floyd

“the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.” Julius Caesar Shakespeare

The Taurus SuperMoon, a rare event not seen since 1948, is illuminating a colossal emotional wound, shining a brilliant light on the dark state of change and flux stirring with the aftermath of the US Election results.  The Taurus SuperMoon brings up the financial/resources polarity and spectrum of what’s mine or yours, down to the bottom line. When in fear or survival mode, we move to a base level in the hierarchy of needs.  Maslow theory is pointing to the base level driver of the election embroiled in economic desperation of basic needs being met, with food on the table,  a roof over ones head, safety and immediate needs before future needs. This is seen glaringly in this Taurus SuperMoon as almost completely void of any supportive aspects (accept to Chiron), left on one’s own to fend for oneself.

Every sign has its high and low vibration. Taurus values, possessions, finances, practical, material concerns and what is mine is mine, checks and balances is the agenda.  Taurus low ball is greed and hoarding and this seems to be what has metastasized as the overriding divide between the haves and the havenots.  In times of uncertainty, fear moves to survival instincts and looks to a tribal circle for a powerful figure as protector.  This neanderthal unconscious knee jerk reaction labeled Trump as the figurehead that comes to save the day and gives back that sense of security.  The alpha male who will pound his chest and club the saber tooth tiger or anyone or anything threatening; the white knight riding into the sunset as your savior.

Sabian Symbol. “A Jewelry Shop. This is a symbol of the practical values of everyday living….Implicit in the symbolism is the kaleidoscope capacity of the world at large for producing and reproducing whatever an individual may require in the way of immediate realities.  The keyword is preservation”. This points out focus on prized possessions and ownership.  The bright side encourages investment in something sustainable, the darkside instigates greed and flaunting privilege.

Neptune Pisces is over the south node further showing being on slippery slope, with delusion, confusion, sacrifice, paranoia, idealism and high hopes sunk into sinking holes and sinking ships with a sense of lost hope edging over a steep precipice matching the last Tarot card I pulled, the Fool. The Moon was in Pisces activating this Neptune south node during the US Election, with the pied piper enchanting spell leading to an ultimate fall.  The Moon was VOC the full day which is not the best time for major decisions, hanging in the balance on the last degree, a fait accompli. The Moon sat over Trump’s 7th house cusp the entire voting day, a place typically positive for public favor.

The Sun in Scorpio is inconjunct Uranus, activating Uranus square Pluto which continues to instigate survival mode, wild unpredictable motivation and behavior and extremes of anything run on emotions, losing centered rational perspective.  Uranus square Pluto is also all over the US chart with Uranus tsquaring the US natal Mercury oppose Pluto, with the finger raised in Uranus fashion whether in protests, revolt and utter f-u. Jupiter in Libra is further fortifying this revolt with a tsquare with Uranus Pluto, which will show up in full frontal in January at inauguration with a colossal grand square at the Full Moon in Cancer.

All is not lost as Saturn is soon to trine Uranus, with the consolation of 2017 as a rather positive year in transits and eclipses which could indicate times ahead that are progressive, despite this election result.  Even if Trump moves things to a moderate tone, and gets things done, it doesn’t change what he represents, created and incited the last year with Saturn square Neptune, showing its consequence in how the media’s desperate means of attracting an audience, with the shifting competing landscape used more extreme sensationalism and propaganda to get attention. News and publishing ethics and integrity turned into an upside down vicious machine to persecute and vilify, using fear to influence an ever more escalating naïve and gullible swarm of sheeple

Unlike the media portrayed, I knew the election was close but felt the ugly turn with Wikileaks and the FBI stab, fueling so much innuendo against Hillary although Hillary and Al Gore both would have won without the electoral college vote. I had a nagging feeling we were repeating 2000 and could almost feel the parallels of Jesus crucified and Barabbas released, and the irony that the highest vote for Trump were white Christians.  The Full Moon sits over Hillary’s ASC/DESC axis, over her Mercury square  Saturn Leo, the cross she now bears.  The Taurus SuperMoon now opposes Lilith Scorpio where it conjoined during the New Moon in Scorpio.

Lilith is not going to give into this defeat and will continue rise in revolt.  Hillary hate is the bane of this fiasco, wrought from opinions bare on proven facts.  Although Hillary made some mistakes, nothing came anywhere close to criminal such as the media painted and tainted. Being secretive and private, does not make one a liar, innocent until proven guilty.  I wasn’t crazy for Hillary, mostly due to weak PR, campaigning and strategy with positioning, likeability and image, but I could see beyond her surface, and follow facts, proof, not swayed by propaganda or opinion. My liking and support for her was based on her rational decisions, intelligence, experience, dignity, grace, sane, centered beliefs and progressive values.

The last year with Saturn square Neptune has brought up extreme views swinging the pendulum that brought to force such idealized polarized beliefs (far left Bernie and far right Trump) with Hillary stuck in the middle, driving a hard line divide, that fractured, splintered and screwed the democratic party in the end (refusing to vote, protest votes, false equivalency and the lesser of two evils) (“If I can’t have you, I don’t want nobody baby”” If I can’t  have Bernie I am going to vote Trump”  “If they are out of beer at the store, I will drink bleach”.

I sniffed a problem brewing with Bernie from the get go and could see his socialist ticket creating a stir that was opening up a vortex, driving a wedge that was too premature for a radical left hardline stand.  Once Hillary was nominated, there was a chance for a strategic move,  from left center, to grow into a majority but his movement had already fueled more hate for Hillary, further alienating and tarnishing her reputation, making her the enemy adding to the absurd notions she was laughing at that rape trial or raking in the bucks from the foreign donors to line her pockets or sucking wall street boobs, riding on her husband coats tails, Benghazi, DNC … hearsay and innuendo.

This propaganda was so farfetched and ridiculous twisted to such hate and character assassination with Wikileaks and FBI, amounting to a useless nothing accept a few grumbling emails or comments, calling out a basket of deplorables –oh the horribles!  Trump, though, who mostly with pants on fire, openly expressed (documented on tape, on twitter so no presumption or innuendo) and put all kinds of eggs into sorted baskets calling Mexicans rapists, women fat pigs, elites corrupt, captured soldiers losers, his fox news voters dumb, rating women 1-10 with an A to D cup and whether they are worthy of having the luxury of you grabbing their genitals.

Trump now sits as the endorsed, enabled leader, spokes person and role model showing and clearly demonstrating an example of someone who openly sows the seeds of hate, sexism, bullying, bigotry and racism whose finger pointing of criminal activity and screwing the system, corruption points right back to him with documented  unethical business practices, gaming the system and part of an elite that bankrupted billions and was still able to buy an election (too big to fail-wall street). Not to mention that he also takes us back 50 years to an industrial age ceasing to exist, or to the most recent backwards filibuster of 2008-2016, repeating 2000-2008, bringing back life to coal, pro pipeline, deregulation, killing climate change action, cutting NAFTA, cutting healthcare and social security, increase military, punishing abortion, increased gun lobbying, detract immigration on and on while actually having the audacity to want Obama’s counsel after he said Obama was the worst president ever!

Not one day after the results, people already jump on the Trump bandwagon, normalizing, humanizing and accepting him as the blatant wolf he is, that maybe Trump has finally humbled or grown up or matured. Get over it, carry on, move onward, trivializing and shaming others for still being upset cry babies (premature denial, bargaining stage of grief) instead of respecting a true grief and mourning process, unique to each person.  They saw, they came and like sheeple, wanted to follow the Brexit crowd and like a spoiled little kid, I wanna exit too! So cool, explosive, maybe fun and crazy! Blow things up and drain the swamp while the snapping alligators and carcasses rise from the depths to pull you into the sinking pit holes.

I was out walking clearing my head after the results, in a haze and daze, numb with shock, watching expressions and faces, gauging the energy.  I walked by a sign in a store that said Urban Decay which just picked up my mood of a sterile, sullen, dark, dismal state, with a guttural sense as we immerse in the guk trying to find a placeholder from sum zero.

As a Canadian growing up in the 60’s, I have lovely memories of African Canadians as my neighbors, braiding hair and living in a place of tolerance and acceptance without any racist undertones.  Not until I worked, did business and lived in the US (thanks to NAFTA), did I come to really understand racism and white supremacy up close.  I lived in a very beautiful, opulent, affluent area of Southern California that really brought home this white/latino/haves/havenot divide with many undocumented Mexicans (called wetbacks), with racism so uptight entrenched in segregation. Healthcare was another surprising shock I wasn’t prepared for.  I had a major health crisis while there even though I had health insurance.  The debacle with the US healthcare system was so systemic, I was left in the mires of red tape that hung me up in a listless stall to get treatment. I had to wait 6 months to see a specialist in order to get a simple medication that left me living in peril trying to survive.

When I moved back to Canada, many asked me how I could want to leave living in such paradise?  I actually came to a much better paradise (Vancouver BC).  Most in the US live in a bubble and are ignorant of anything outside their border, (especially middle America),  let alone their state or clan and the right wing opinion babble bubble that filters out anything factual, rational or true (FOX news) so even though there is so much media that exposes truth, they don’t hear it, read it, so don’t get it, literally. I experienced sexism up close where my then philandering privileged boyfriend’s mother said her son can have his cake and eat it too. After those years, I realized how lucky I was to be Canadian and really felt grateful to be back to my home with affordable health care, where I live with peace, dignity, with more tolerance with diversity, immigration and equality.

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