Mars Retrograde

Mars RetrogradeMars Retrograde “Wild Fire” Michael Murphey

(Mars retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio April to June 2016)

Mars retrograde occurs every couple of years and moves through a sign for few months as opposed to a few days, hitting areas several times in order to deal with any unfinished business. Depending on what sign or placements Mars transits and how Mars lines up with your natal chart, will show how Mars retrograde will hit home. Mars retrograde impact is more noticeable if it hits a sensitive point in your natal chart and if natal Mars is afflicted.  Anytime Mars goes retrograde, you have a time of increased emphasis on how one is addressing Mars issues  such as anger, aggression, disagreement, fires, vitriol, selfishness, impatience, all needing constructive conflict resolution, anger management, confrontation, pacing oneself and patience.

Mars is a direct and forward energy and when retrograde, it’s stalled, slowed down and reversed, not at its happiest in hesitation mode, thus creating frustration needing methods to deal with aggression and anger issues that are calming, curtailing and controlling.  Mars held back sees more health issues with headaches, head (brain) trauma,  muscles aches, compromised testosterone (low or high), migraines, decreased energy and inflammation.  Mars tends to acute health issues where heat from Mars burns through and resolves illness quickly. Good time for a head and scalp massage, head rests, yoga postures hanging the head upside down.

Anything Mars related such as major decisions, projects, surgery (elective), confrontation should be put off until Mars moves direct. Watch impulsive actions, rushing and speeding. Many health issues can occur due to a Mars block or suppression turned into depression, arthritis and other more serious illness such as mental illness and cancer (brain).  Mars is typically the first responder emotionally (anger, hate, spite) and triggers survival mechanisms. Mars issues dealt with or confronted constructively, often uncover the next layer such as hurt, grief, sadness, heart break, and emotional release leading to healing and breakthrough.

Mars (ruling Aries and co ruling Scorpio) is all about leadership, competition, drive, initiative and heat. Mars is the red planet and of the fire element, thus heat and heated exchange is emphasized.  Mars is more about self interest than cooperation, including self preservation, single mindedness and survival.  Mars gives the necessary fighting spirit to get up from being kicked down and continue on marching forward with courage and conviction. During Mars transits, picking your battles, survival and independent behavior is predominant so any threat to survival (kill or be killed) is attacked whether overtly or inadvertently. Many forms of aggression can take hold whether direct or passive aggressive.  Foes can come out of the woodwork where you learn to keep your enemies close.  Also time to find an appropriate outlet (sex, therapy and exercise) and nearest punching bag (not your dog, friend, employee or significant other…) to alleviate any frustration, anger and tension.

Mars brings out into the open and conscious, anything lingering or festering. Confrontation and direct action is often required to avoid projecting the energy such as aggression, stalking, harassment, bullying, gas lighting and mobbing (especially in aspect to Pluto) that need some necessary Saturn boundaries and the word, NO or stop to escape from someone’s need to unload or dump their frustrations on you or scapegoat someone into carrying their load of frustration. While Mars energy is needed to act, fight, protect, defend rights etc., Mars is considered a malefic energy as it is related to the lowest common denominator in the chain of evolution (reptile brain) for survival, where protective, primal, knee jerk instinctual reaction is stirred and instigated when sensing danger.

Each sign presents the way Mars behavior is demonstrated or exhibited.  Mars can be strong in a sign but if it makes a difficult aspect, the energy is thwarted or more pronounced. If Mars is in harmonious aspect, the energies tend to have a more even flow and can access assertion more effectively, however if in challenging (squares, oppositions) aspect the energy can get overheated and thus more inclined to argue, raise voices, rage etc. where the energy needs to be channeled carefully or it will be projected and others will act it out for you, especially oppositions.

Mars squares often show up in health issues, headaches especially if they focus around the health houses (1st and 6th house).  Mars is most potent in strength in the 1st house and is helpful to also be in the 5th house and 9th house (fire houses) and in fire signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius). Mars in a weak placement and in hard aspect is typically where Mars has the most challenge. Mar in Libra /7th house and Mars Pisces/12th house is common to project anger or attract relationships that are aggressive or for others to play out Mars and aggression, requiring defensive reaction and standing up for the self.

Mars Aries (Mars rules Aries), 1st house, Fire. Direct and expressive energy.  Mars is at home in Aries with the natural ability to access Mars initiative, courage, confrontation and assertion.  Afflicted and retrogrades: reversals in taking action or moving forward, quick to anger and impatience.

Mars Taurus/2nd house/Earth. Slow burn and anger, slow to act. Afflicted: brooding, stubborn, don’t budge energies that build up and implode.

Mars Gemini/3rd house/Air. Detached and restless, juggling multiple projects.  Afflicted and retrograde: scattered and frittering energy, nervous and bitchy anger, gossip, using sarcasm and words as weapons.

Mars Cancer(fall)/4th house/Water. Anger is suppressed. Emotional upsets, Afflicted: over protective, over reactive, holding grudges and harboring resentment.

Mars Leo/5th house, Fire. Open, assertive, expressive anger.  Afflicted: aggressive, pompous, arrogant,  ego battles, fiery temper.

Mars Virgo/6th house, Earth. Discerning and particular, exacting, careful and practical approach to anger.  Afflicted and retrograde:  irritated, cranky, harping, critical.

Mars Libra (detriment)/7th house/Air.  Pleasing, cooperative, detached, mediating, avoidance. Afflicted: passive aggressive, back stabbing, codependent, smiling to your face but saying things behind your back.

Mars Scorpio/8th house (co-ruled by Pluto), Water.  Actions and assertion is focused and penetrating.  Afflicted: vengeance, spite, vindictive, stalking, explosive anger.

Mars Sagittarius/9th house/Fire.  Active expression of anger and a gallop to movement, desire for action and direct shooting from the hip. Focus is on the future, big picture and travel making strides toward goals. Afflicted/retrograde: exaggerated overt anger, overkill of any action or activity (“uge”), rant and rave, righteous judging pointing a finger, foot in mouth, noisy, loud and boisterous, issues while travelling, need to hold your horses.

Mars in Capricorn/10th house (exalted), Earth.  Ambitious, shrewd, controlled output of energy and persistent actions, anger with set boundaries. Afflicted: harsh disciplinary and strict measures, tough love, lacking mercy or giving no slack.

Mars Aquarius/11th house/Air.  Anger is controlled by emotional detachment, distancing, separating from confrontation.  Afflicted:  abrupt, verbal aggression, sharp words that cut hard, cold war.

Mars Pisces/12th house/Water.  Subtle expression of anger, repressed anger and ability to diffuse harsh negativity. Afflicted: passive aggressive, silent treatment, non confrontational, feels victimized, playing the martyr, codependent, masochistic. Using art to express anger or displeasure.

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