Full Moon in Capricorn 2016

Full Moon Capricorn 2016Full Moon in Capricorn 2016 “Good Riddance (Time of your life)”  Green Day

The Full Moon is always a welcome time for the Moon to show its glory lighting up the night sky.  While the Sun lights up the sky every day, the Moon keeps us in anticipation every month with its waxing and waning, teasing and seducing with its growth into full moon rapture. The Full Moon in Capricorn (Sun in Cancer oppose Moon in Capricorn) is the axis of the public (Capricorn ruled by Saturn) vs. private domain (Cancer ruled by the Moon). The Full Moon in Capricorn is a strong pull between the lights of the Sun Moon, as the Moon in Capricorn is in its detriment, in a sign of public view as opposed to the private place the Moon naturally wants to reside in, protective of privacy and security, harder to find in today’s world, where the line between privacy and public life is getting less defined with the internet keeping tabs on private behavior and life.

Saturn rules the Full Moon in Capricorn, with Saturn responsibility, structure, scrutiny, authority, government, consequence and karma all acutely felt now due to Saturn square Neptune.  Boundaries are especially Saturn oriented and many who get red flags don’t listen and learn the hard way those boundaries they should have upheld, which a Saturn transit will make you acutely aware of.  Capricorn is the sign of success, achievement, reaching for the top and with it the tumbling down with failures that loom. With Saturn you learn that it’s the long haul with all the struggles that make one who they are. Many of the most successful people had to endure major obstacles, detours and challenges, all part of the lesson plan and the journey.

We have seen what the pursuit to the top and power in the wrong hands can do with greed and exploitation.  An afflicted Capricorn Moon can get caught up with a calculating means to status, success and to achieve power at any cost. Melania Trump has a Capricorn Moon square Uranus, who typifies an ambitious Capricorn Moon in the public eye. The Full Moon squares Uranus (unpredictable, unusual, unconventional, stormy) rebelling against any establishment or rules. With the Sun Moon square Uranus, the typical aspects of the Sun in Cancer or Moon in Capricorn are twisted with Uranus, super charged with the unexpected.  Many who wonder why they don’t feel like their typical sun sign have to look at how the outer planets aspect their Sun, especially with Uranus, where the diversion sets in.

The Full Moon in Capricorn, while square Uranus, also forms a couple of Thors Hammer aspects with Saturn Sagittarius square Neptune Pisces, escalating into a real humdinger with all the deluded religious violence and harsh judgement, as the most self righteous defy the real message of faith.  The harsh lesson is emerging a coming together of all faiths and merging with the highest purpose of love, tolerance,  no harm, forgiveness no matter the belief which if big enough is the most profound propaganda to spread. Any faith that uses violence, sexual abuse, bigotry and intolerance just doesn’t have any right to designate or label as a faith.

The strong Saturn square Neptune undertow is bringing out all the squelchers, doubters, you won’t get that, don’t do that, don’t write like that, you can’t use a word like that, you won’t understand that, you are not smart enough, do something practical, quit dreaming, naysayers that lack confidence in you and come down hard with the yah, but reminding one to keep one’s own authority and judgement that guides toward the highest good.   Suffice to say, Saturn square Neptune has been increasing a world weary, worn torn state of mind.   With the health Saturn rules aging, skin issues (dry skin, hair) bones, knees.

The last week has been particularly combust due to all the Uranus energies gone amok adding to peaked anxiety, upheaval, chaos and unrest.  There are no air signs, with a strong water and fire element, adding to explosive emotions and reactions with little detachment and logic.



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