Mars Libra tsquare Uranus Pluto July 16th 2012

Mars Libra tsquare Uranus PlutoMars Libra is reaching its peak point of the tsquare with Uranus Pluto on July 16th just as Mercury turns retrograde and the Sun squares Saturn which is creating a vortex of surging force and some necessary grounding.  Mercury retro slows everything down as Mars ramps up the energies.  Mars in this heavy tsquare with Uranus Pluto is an explosive wave of energy.  Mars and Pluto are both grounding and primal aggression energies getting pumped.  It will reach a peak July 17th during the Balsamic Moon in Cancer just before the New Moon in Cancer.

Mars rules leadership and direction-many will feel the pulse to get active and take some bold moves at this time. Mars is currently aligning with the nodal axis July 11th bringing Mars into the forefront where it is in its prime.  All actions and steps taken are filled with positive deliberate intention although in a fray with Uranus Pluto.  Here is a link to Mars the Red Planet I posted last year to give a general description of Mars.

Mars is in its detriment in Libra-Mars is the ruler of Aries which is opposite Libra.  Libra is the sign of relationships, peace, harmony and compromise.  Mars is about independence, selfishness and in more negative terms, my way or the highway hence why Mars is not at its most beneficial in Libra.  Without the straight forward direction which Mars needs – we can get into circular spins and round about actions that don’t reach potentials in a clean line. Its a time to let your weekend warrior out but  its also a time to be mindful of how you pick your battles.

With the Sun square Saturn and Mercury retrograde-there is plenty of energy that is being constrained, held back and controlled-many may just feel tired and worn out-harsh Saturn and Mars aspects and transits often show up with the health.  Hard work and diligence falls under Sun Saturn where we may get into overkill and blow a circuit and poop ourselves out.  Mars rules over testosterone so no doubt some of that will be slinging around as well with some competition (hopefully friendly).

Libra tends to seeing both sides so indecisive, weighing for justice and energies get pent up which  may thwart efforts to cut through to getting things done.   With a passive (probably passive aggressive approach and stuffing anger or confrontation), Mars Libra will get hammered by the urgency of Uranus Aries and stultify the ambitious drive of Pluto Capricorn  – with all this cardinal energy in this angular cornered energy all with their own agenda-could be some potential conflict and confrontation-something has to give.  The good thing is Mars Libra ability to compromise to fair solutions-Mars Libra becoming the balancing beam between Uranus Pluto.

Mars has been featured with Nasa and the Mars Rover that has shown pictures of Mars surface up close and personal- a very well timed Mars piece of news.  Mars will trine Jupiter at the same time it hits the tsquare which creates a rare diamond formation (a cradle encasing a tsquare)-interesting with the recent resignation of Barclays Bank CEO Bob Diamond due to Barclays LIBOR scandal.  With this line up of air in such a whirlwind of energy, wind could  become an issue with turbulence as there has been viewing of lenticular clouds.  Uranus rules over aviation and pilots have to avoid lenticular clouds. It becomes almost akin to a whirling dervish. I was also drawn to watching a historical show on aviation-with the Wright Brothers and the pioneers that invented flight-very Mars Uranus.

I attend a regular weekly drumming circle at our beach point in the summer months which was very popular with heightened momentum this last week. Drumming is a very potent grounding exercise. With the weather being pristine, I anticipate this coming weekend to be a spectacular turnout at our annual Folk Festival in our edge of the beautiful world where drumming at sunset on the beach is an annual spiritual ritual.

Drumming or any Mars action oriented exercise should help contain the volatile energy of this formation with the potential for burns, fires, accidents (ankles), impulsiveness, headaches, muscle strain, irritation, inflammation, impatience, anger, weapons, sharp objects, cuts, rage and edginess – turned and channeled into the plus side with energetic, driven, assertive initiative and sexual healing.  Heady energy such as this needs to be directed into something active- physical exercise as well as sexual expression will help appease and dispel the beast. Best to stay away from dark alleys though as this energy is heightened for potential rape or violence-or dark theaters as it turned out-Colorado Shooting.

  1. Yes, anything around sexuality and domination or abuse-just look at all the sexual abuse/scandals coming forward in the boy scouts, RCMP, the church, Penn State sex abuse…