Full Blue Moon in Sagittarius

Full Blue Moon in SagittariusFull Blue Moon in Sagittarius “We are the Champions” (Queen)

The Full Blue Moon in Sagittarius occurs when there are either two Full Moons in a month instead of one or four Full Moons in a season instead of three (as in this case) which then results in having two Full Moons in the same sign, this time two Full Moons in Sagittarius.  Everything Sagittarius is accentuated due to the extra energy of Sagittarius, including Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius.  Travel, long distance journeys and far off gypsy adventures,  immigration, higher learning, religious and philosophical topics, publishing, enthusiasm, expansion, optimism,  extending reach, new broadening horizons, loud boisterous, going for the gusto, foreign investment causing real estate pricing to soar and just more of anything (good and bad). This added Sagittarius emphasis adds to the Mars Saturn retrograde movements in a double take, going through the experience repeatedly as necessary to address the energy again.

Having a Full Moon in the same sign twice can only happen when a Full Moon occurs during the very beginning of a sign and at the end of the sign.  The beginning of a sign is like the elementary and the end of a sign, an ending and a sign of mastery.  The beginning of a sign is new and fresh with plenty in front of it to learn and grow.  The ending degree is more like a fait accompli and a sense of finality, yet it has the know-how and expertise and has developed the potential of this sign thus seasoned and mature.

The quiet soft-sided fixed energy of Taurus the last few weeks is running out of its calm into a storm, shifting the weather into a mutable blast, with anything goes. When times are tough the tough get going and it’s at these times we grow the quickest and the most with the mutable energy keeping you agile, adaptable and on your toes. Insane may be the new name of the game the next few weeks gearing up for the next New Moon in Gemini, winding up to a shambolic spell whether leading to tragic or magic, time will tell.

The Full Blue Moon in Sagittarius is over Mars retrograde in Sagittarius which hits up all the markers of Mars retrograde seen with the devastating forest fires gone rampant which I had sensed coming and predicted with the last Full Moon in Scorpio as Mars just went retrograde.  This Full Moon on Mars also semi squares Pluto, further upping the ante and the “uge” tone of Sagittarius. Just like they say no one gets out of here alive, no one gets away from hard hits to their chart.  If the energy of this Full Moon hits any degrees or planets in early mutable signs (especially if afflicted), you can expect some challenges but if its hitting a good spot, it will energize it and give it a lift with a fighting spirit and optimism with a “if you can’t beat them join them” attitude.  Of course it is also always wise to keep your energy at a positive level to deflect any harsh energy coming at you and if it does, the old adage you always get more flies with honey than vinegar.

The Full Blue Moon over Mars, has the Sun Gemini oppose Mars Sagittarius, with Venus oppose Mars not far behind. This is an open fire for lots of bickering back and forth, push pull he said she said, you say tomatoe, I say tomato, you say black, I say white.  This opposing energy between the lights ( Sun Moon) and Venus oppose Mars is  fueled with a fire that begs to differ with a heated exchange and Mars retrograde just wants to have it my way where enemies, competitors and foes come out of the woodwork . Venus Taurus is on Algol (a potent infamous fixed star of Medusa with extremes of creative and destructive forces) (Johnny Depp and Princess Diana have this Venus on Algol).

Sun oppose or in hard aspect to Mars as well as Venus in hard aspect or oppose Mars, is difficult energy to harness.  In synastry (relationship astrology), these aspects are also hard to contend with and compatibility is challenged, although sparks fly and the chemistry is strong.  It is a high energy that can often get into battle, opposing views, hard to see eye to eye. Sun oppose Mars competitive spirit in this pattern is more about win lose, outdoing and outmaneuvering, one-upmanship, (mine is bigger than yours) as opposed to sharing the glory.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus is sitting at a standstill now as it stations direct which adds to the change of scenery and energy patterns, including travel and traffic shifts so be extra careful.  Mercury Taurus is still in a grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto, helping to offset the angst keeping things grounded, focused and relaxed.  Taurus persistence is helpful with keeping at something and from frittering everything away focusing on the task at hand although Taurus can have issue with passive resistance and stubborn response that doesn’t want to change the status quo.

Saturn Sagittarius, Neptune Pisces and Jupiter Virgo are lining up in a tsquare as Jupiter begins to move forward. Saturn and Jupiter are making a square and once Jupiter moves on Saturn and Neptune lock into a square for the next few months into the Solar Eclipse in Virgo in September.  The energy is expand contract, over promising, more poor judgement (Jupiter), increase in addictions and disorientation and more of WHUT?-what were you thinking or why weren’t you thinking (Neptune).

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