Full Moon in Aries 2016

Full Moon in Aries 2016Full Moon in Aries 2016 “Space Between” Dave Matthews Band

The Full Moon in Aries 2016 is rising up, ready to fight and go to battle with an emotional charge on a passionate mission.  The Aries Moon is fired up, ready for action with courage and conviction.  Add the Full Moon in Aries over Uranus Aries and you have a recipe for stormy, volatile, impulsive and unexpected scenarios, with an energetic urge for taking initiative,  breaking ground, sparking up a liberating stand and a great awakening.

Uranus Pluto continues to activate these lunar cycles with a wild ride while slowly separating into 2017.  The last several years has been hard on all the cardinal energies (Aries, Libra, Cancer Capricorn) especially in the 1st decan.  Sun Libra oppose Moon Aries peaks relationships crisis with confrontation regarding imbalances, inequality, fairness, taking back lost self respect and self preservation. Aries Moon fuels the necessary need to never lose or sacrifice the self while always standing up for the self,  being careful one isn’t putting all eggs in the relationship, accommodating, codependent basket while neglecting self interest. Aries, ruled by Mars, may bring up issues with headaches, conflict, anger, competition, impatience and inflammation, adding Uranus anxiety and edginess.

Mars, ruler of Aries and the Full Moon in Aries, is currently in Capricorn where it is exalted, indicating the Full Moon in Aries is being directed by best practices that are ambitious, grounded and practical, armed to combat any unseemly or unethical conduct, working toward the highest good.  Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn deepening the drive toward honoring higher principles and right actions.

Mercury Libra is tangled in the Full Moon, square Pluto, exposing all the communication fiasco with Wikileaks and further reference to the questionable privacy ethics revealing private communications.  Copyright is another issue where back in the day, when writing anything, and sourcing anyone, you were taught to reference others work, ideas, content but now you see others copying content almost verbatim without any reference or acknowledgement, which is often difficult to fight or cite due to the complexities with online publication.

Venus continues in Scorpio, oppose Algol adding to passionate and deep focus on values and the current cry out toward feminism and equality, as women come together making a grand stand during the US Election process.   Venus Scorpio is tightly beholden to loyalty and depth, albeit private and intense, compulsive and obsessive that gets into “it’s complicated waters”, sometimes tragic, especially if afflicted.  Venus in detriment in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is akin to ambition, drive and desire, beyond the superficial, antiquated social force of beauty before brains where women who are typically rewarded for outer beauty before inner beauty are also regarded for a beautiful, intelligent soul and mind.

Venus Scorpio, in detriment, demonstrates the problematic trend in gender typecasting as seen with Hillary Clinton, the poster child, with Venus in Scorpio, who lives to tell the tale of a Venus as part of the popularity problem she faced or faces, proving now her fight for a female right has finally come to light. Hillary was always typecast as someone who didn’t fit into the Venus model due to her ambition and independence, detracting from traditional feminine values of stand by or behind your man, with reciprocal, accommodating, joining, pleasing, compromising attention, molding or melding to fit in as part of a something as opposed to a separate and whole person in one’s own right and on one’s own.  Because of this, she was cast out as the ugly duckling, uninvited or excluded from the hen party or inner knitting circle by not following the Venus tribal dance but now she can do her dance in her pants, as she is wearing the pantsuits now.

The Full Moon in Aries makes a semi square to Neptune Pisces, as Neptune makes a difficult 150 angle with Jupiter Libra and Neptune Pisces continues over the south node in Pisces, showing up with flooding, more emphasis on the questionable wiki leaks authenticity as well as the whole threatening debacle around hacking into the voting system.  Transit Saturn Sagittarius squares the nodal axis the last few weeks (heavy gravity, karmic cross roads, reaping what you sow, consequence with more hurricanes, flooding climate change reality, and Trump’s chickens coming home to roost).

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