Full Moon in Scorpio 2017

Full Moon in ScorpioFull Moon in Scorpio 2017 “In a Gadda Da Vida” Iron Butterfly

The Full Moon in Scorpio draws out a deep pool of emotional vulnerability that penetrates to the core, delving and uncovering anything buried, while merging, intertwining and bonding where all ends meet. The Full Moon in Scorpio is down to the bare essentials, exposed and raw beyond surface appearance  with x- ray vision past the heart, skin deep to the soul.  Scorpio reminds us of the constant transformations and rebirths shifting and shedding, continuously to experience a new form of being. These transitions and little deaths are preparing for the ultimate death of this plane of existence on earth into a new life form beyond.

The Scorpio and Taurus polarity focus is on fixed, steady and security principles, where money makes the world go round, inciting deep emotion around trust, loyalty, security, comfort, financial management whether personal (Taurus) or shared, partner, marriage or corporate (Scorpio).  Timely that it is tax season and on topic (taxes, death and sex are all a Scorpio domain one can’t escape). Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, indicates the inevitable and all things related dealing with legacies, wills, inheritances, debts, investments. Afflicted Scorpio or Pluto transits may show up with debt, betrayal, breaking trust, loyalties, tax and investment issues just as afflicted Taurus can show up with poor money management.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is ramping up for a ride on an emotional roller coaster and any ensuing let down, meltdown, instigating intense feelings that stir instinctual fears or obsessions. The Full Moon is a release and resolution to any seeds planted at the New Moon in Taurus. The fruits of any labors, intentions, plans during this last 2 weeks will shine during this phase with whatever seeds were planted during the last New Moon.

There is a high water mark with this Full Moon in Scorpio (water ruled Scorpio).  A tense aspect between Mars Uranus and Neptune is showing up with flooding. Its a deeply felt emotional time, when purging and expressions of emotions touch on a potent and sensitive barometer of any underlying tensions or any unspoken feelings difficult to gloss over or ignore. With heightened emotional content and confrontations, many things are shed including a watershed of tears. Any kind of water ritual at this time will help to  replenish the spirit.

The Full Moon in Scorpio makes a supporting aspect to its ruler Pluto, enriching and further fortifying with a powerful, grounded willful focus. Scorpio mystery, intrigue and suspense reveals any untapped or hidden agenda, smoking out any deception or obscurity while the Taurus Sun keeps a gentle level presence in the wakeful emerging bursting passionate storms and sentiments.  The Scorpio Moon feels the urge for sharing and has a desire that prompts an inkling to form deeper emotional connections based more on need than want,  that are loyal and enduring, beyond casual and fleeting sexual encounters and with it the possessiveness and jealousy with any threatening betrayal.

Both Venus Aries and Mercury Aries are just out of their retrograde cycle but still in their shadow for another week. Mercury Aries joins Uranus making a harmonious aspect to Saturn Sagittarius with an overall grand trine to the nodal axis just turned to Leo adding to a purposeful, disciplined, energetic  and adventurous burst of enthusiasm.

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