Full Moon in Virgo 2017

Full Moon in Virgo 2017 “Moonlight Feels Right” Starbuck

The focus on Virgo Pisces eclipses the last few years is culminating in an integration of Virgo missions and Pisces visions, with lessons learned and accolades earned. The Full Moon in Virgo follows suit and is on a last call with any Virgo overhaul, dismantling and disinfecting any dirty deeds, pulling out all the weeds.

Virgo’s discrimination, details and discernment helps to set things straight and compartmentalize the fragments and confusion of Pisces methods of madness.  A Virgo virtue is to get down and dirty to the nitty gritty, scrubbing all those neglected places left unattended and time for a major needed cleaning exercise  in all the nasty unseen corners of  our stored, accumulated messes to give clear, concise clarity. Nature abhors a vacuum must have been written by a Virgo as once you clear a space, get rid of dead energy, you open and invite new refreshing positive replenishment.

The Full Moon in Virgo at 22 degrees follows a similar vibe to the Full Moon in Virgo March 2015 and Solar Eclipse in Virgo 2016 with a comparable configuration and strain to Saturn Sagittarius and Chiron Pisces, continuing with a sense of wounding, discouragement and pain.  The theme of Chiron, the wounded healer, is tightly woven into this Full Moon with a deep pool and well of emotion rising to the surface, revealing those tender spots.   Sun Mercury Chiron Pisces oppose Moon Virgo and square Saturn Sagittarius sees more issues with (hips, skin, hard work, strain, responsibility, authority, boundaries, publishing, legal, immigration (Sagittarius) Saturn theme of limits, delays, consequence, denial and depression.

The keyword for Virgo is improvement. The Moon in Virgo is methodical, discerning and grounded with a practical and humble approach to feelings and emotions.  The Virgo Moon is dutiful, service oriented, analytical and finds solace in a sense of order with practical, even paced and sensible precautions and measures. All the emotional sensitivity of feelings soaked up in the last few weeks in Pisces style has a Virgo opportunity to find clearing and settling.

Virgo attention to organization, emotional clearing is ready for spring cleaning with Spring Equinox around the corner where bless this mess has less emphasis as clutter heads for the gutter.  Virgo guides to streamlining in order to lesson any heavy load.  Healthcare gets any needed regiment regarding any hampering habits (addictions, poor diet, ) and work and labor, a Virgo flavor, sees attention to work obligations, duties, tasks, routines, details, righting any wrongs, repairing and restoring broken pieces, while not sweating the small stuff.

Mercury co-rules Virgo and thus emphasizes mental attention, mindfulness and communications. Virgo as an earth sign, ruled by Mercury, aligns the mind body connection and how this interplay impacts well being. Virgo is the sifter and fine tuner and with Mercury currently in Pisces join Sun Chiron in Pisces oppose the Full Moon in Virgo and square Saturn Sagittarius, scattered and woolgathering communications gets needed discipline and focus, meditating on simplicity while leaving behind all the excessive noise, negativity and mind chatter.  Some great rituals with Virgo are self hypnosis of small simple yet willful affirmations of whatever helps what ails you such as I am calm, all is well, I am sleepy, I will fall asleep…, sweeping, dusting,  scrubbing, meditation etc. all to remove any toxic stored debris.

The Full Moon in Virgo sits over the US chart on Neptune in the 9th house square Mars showing up with pressing legal, healthcare, immigration issues and an overall disappointment and apathy with the US wounded political direction.  This is all related to the heavy weight that was on the Pisces/south node eclipses the last few years and less on the needed Virgo/north node eclipses thus more consequence with confusion, falsehoods, delusion, misjudgement (Pisces) and less on facts, discernment and logic (Virgo).

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