New Moon in Gemini 2017

New Moon in GeminiNew Moon in Gemini 2017 “You Learn” Alanis Morissette

The New Moon in Gemini is ready to get moving and mobile, emotionally lifted from any heavy weighted worry.  Gemini cerebral, whimsical lighter touch, airs things out, clearing the air, opening up opportunity for a change of pace with a flutter of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge that seeks out a new perspective, a new learning opportunity, new ideas, a new message.  Gemini is a time of sharing information and storytelling although on the negative side, can over think, live in the head, with a windy breeze blowing fierce, overwhelming the thought processes.

Mercury, ruler of Gemini, now in Taurus is putting a grounded, relaxed, eased no rush tone to the New Moon. Mercury Taurus and Venus Aries are finally out of their shadow and retrograde cycles back on track, out of the cave, picking up the pace again.  Venus Aries leads with a no holds bar attitude that ties into a tense configuration with Uranus Pluto although Mercury Taurus pulls the reigns and keeps it steady as she goes, staying present, enjoying the moments.

The overall riding theme of the New Moon in Gemini is a mixed bag of supported and harsh planet angles and makes no major aspects,  on its own aside from a minor tense semi square to Venus square Pluto giving it a beginning of the end feel .  The New Moon picks up on a sticky tricky vibe as Venus crosses Pluto’s path (Venus square Pluto) forcing some surfacing of any resentments with a bittersweet taste in the mouth, shining a light out on the darker side, descending to the depths of the unconscious. Gemini physical health issues, vulnerabilities may show up with strain to the hands, arms, shoulders, lungs.

Saturn Sagittarius, Uranus Aries and the Leo nodal axis grand fire trine is upbeat, ripe and ready for big plans and risky ventures although as grand trines go, they  have no barriers adding fuel to the fire that can get out of control. Venus Aries Mars Gemini is soon to join in the party and lift the spirits with its fiery verve and raw nerve with scintillating, titillating stimulation.  Venus is further aided by a harmonious connection to Mars emitting a refreshing and exciting sexual charisma in the air with a drive to strive and thrive, happy to be alive.  All this overblown may see some setbacks as Mars Gemini oppose Saturn Sagittarius up to no good tricks and trouble sees some pricks to the bubble with a bite back and frustrated energy slog dragging along like a slug.

The New Moon is building toward the Full Moon in Sagittarius with a tense aspect to Neptune but also a positive angle to Jupiter (can go either way). Neptune has some tension to Jupiter and Uranus continuing with Neptune challenges of sleep issues, leaking, flooding, foot issues, weaknesses, escapism.




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