New Moon in Gemini (Moon Wobble)

New Moon in GeminiNew Moon in Gemini (Moon Wobble) “All the Young Dudes” David Bowie/ Mott the Hoople

The New Moon in Gemini (Moon Wobble) is riding rough shed into a mutable grand square.  It’s a Moon Wobble as it squares the nodal axis (point between eclipses) and Moon Wobbles are notorious for crisis.  All four corners are tripping up mid sign in mutable degrees between Neptune Saturn and Jupiter and piping up a nagging dose of hypocrisy, testing reason and irrational crazy making.  Issues with Gemini more pronounced (short trips, neighbors, siblings, parking, lungs, hands, arms), more migrant (Jupiter) sea travel issues, addiction, delusion, confusion, floods, leaks, misdiagnosing (Neptune Pisces) health issues with digestive system and organs, hyper critical, harping (Jupiter Virgo), deal breakers, paybacks, authority, limits, denial, doubt, responsibility (Saturn Sagittarius).

The New Moon in Gemini grand square turns into an epic square dance, swing your partner round and round, bouncing off the walls, now left and then right, pull this way, push that way, singing to a tune of a rap rhyme in time, birds of a feather flocking together all a flutter due to the clutter, swoop in and take a dive, to get some water for a fight to survive to keep alive. Can’t be no quitter or let fritter on some friction with addiction, an affliction without much conviction, and all the predilections with the impending election and the dedication to a pressing prediction. All fickle as a pickle like a bunch of squirrels and their incessant twirls and whirls with everything in curls spinning wheels with lots of squeals to make some deals.

All New Moons indicate a new beginning at the seedling stage.  When planting a new seed, the seedling stage needs to build up some resistance and strength during its growing process so some challenge is required or else face not being able to withstand any stress or pressure.  During challenging cycles as this, and transits there is much opportunity to be productive, clear the air, shed and work through issues, tackle tough jobs and a great time for hard work.  The New Moon in Gemini tied up in this grand square with Jupiter Neptune Saturn shows up with a  conflict between too permissive (Neptune Jupiter) and too strict (Saturn) which exacerbates too much or too little of anything, calling on all quarters with strain around health issues ( shoulders knees and toes) with Gemini ( hands, arms, shoulders) Pisces (feet, toes), Sagittarius (hips), Saturn (knees, teeth, skin).

Gemini is a dual sign (twins) part of spring and the season of youth, with a curious naive nature, granting the time to be young and stupid. Gemini is an air sign, with wings to fly, known to keep a youthful attitude, keep it light, ditch whatever is weighing you down and let go of anything that doesn’t serve them, including pain and suffering.  Variety is the spice of life and versatility offers another stone to uncover with no time for boredom or dwelling on the negative. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, has the mind over matter with mental processes, thinking and learning. Wherever your Mercury is will show where you have a voice. You think therefore you are or you are what you think, just like you are what you eat. A zillion thoughts race through your day and it’s the thoughts you focus on and give emotional weight to that win the race.

The New Moon in Gemini joins Venus Gemini, tied into this grand cross.  Relationships/finances (Venus) take 2 steps back, tensions and stand offs, time out, breaking points, break up to make up, settling the score on compromising principles which may be centered around addictions, not feeling appreciated for your worth or value, settling for peanuts, crumbs and crummy, being made an option, not being heard or acknowledged, cheating (Neptune), consequence, it’s complicated, boundaries (Saturn), freedom (Jupiter), mixed messages (Neptune).

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, brings up the topic of Mercury retrograde.  Life doesn’t stop for Mercury retrograde so you can’t completely stop all Mercury activities however it is a time to really hone in and review (communication, mental processes) those areas that Mercury retrograde hits as well as a time to utilize these timing indicators to optimize conditions (working smart instead of hard).  Mercury Taurus retrograde hit up my 4th house of home so lots of rearranging and redecorating! Taurus is associated with self worth, finances and money flow. Mercury in retrograde in Taurus completes its run with a grand trine in earth with Jupiter and Pluto which may have garnered extra resources and earnings and reaped some rewards (“you earned it, you deserve it and you’re worth it”-The Weekend).

Mercury rules the throat (5th) chakra, the middle child of the heart chakra and the crown chakra, between heart and head.  The 5th chakra is all about communication, your voice and getting a message across.  With the New Moon in Gemini in a grand square, communications breakdown and communication is tested, communications go sideways, poor listening, gossip (minding other’s business), spreading rumors,  interrupting, nagging, no pauses, self absorbed one way monologues, lazy language skills.

The New Moon in this mutable grand square is hitting up those born in the early to mid 60’s (1962-1965) (Johnny Depp, Gord Downie-Tragically Hip, Jian Ghomeshi ) who are most prone to be affected by this mutable cross due to their outer planets Pluto Uranus and Saturn being hit and those with any mutable signs /planets in mid sign (Prince, Madonna, Trump)  caught up in the cross fire. Trump is currently being stressed by Mars retrograde and Mercury retrograde square his Mars ASC in Leo (showing his defiance about the press picking on him).

Johnny Depp (Gemini -June 9).  The last Full Moon with Mars retrograde hit up his relationship ruler, Uranus and Mars Pluto Virgo, making tempers flare. His Mars Uranus Pluto gives him his bad boy edge and as he admits, his temper issues. He has lots of strife in around his home and finances with transit Mars/Saturn heavy on his Pluto (ruler of home and the loss of his mother)  as his Sun is hit in all quarters now from Neptune (shared resources), Jupiter (finances) and Saturn.  Both Johnny and Amber have Venus Taurus on Algol currently being hit up by an opposition from Mars retrograde which explains the passionate and tempestuous bond and the current  strife, bringing out the worst in each other.  Their relationship began during a difficult Neptune transit which often indicates being blinded  and not seeing clearly. Johnny has  Venus square Saturn which in turn has his Saturn also square Amber’s Venus, an aspect (Venus oppose Saturn)  featured in this New Moon.  Venus Saturn in synastry is a challenging and complicated aspect for relationships.


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