New Moon in Scorpio 2017

Scorpio9New Moon in Scorpio 2017 “Back in Black” ACDC

The New Moon in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, gets to the crux and depth of any matter.  Scorpio is a fixed water sign with a combination of focused, strong, sheer willpower and a fluid open stream of water that can seep through any crack, fill in the gaps, find an empty cup, fill it to the top. Mars, co-ruler of Scorpio,  sharp, driven edge coupled with Pluto, packs a punch, penetrating and purging, disclosing any deep dark secrets, cutting like a knife, surfacing and bleeding through any destructive force that can’t be held back.

The New Moon in Scorpio is especially potent and water logged with a stellium of Scorpio emphasis with the Sun Moon Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio.  This emphasis accentuates and gives much weight to the Scorpio  tenacious intent with extra ammunition.  Psychotherapy, analysis, hypnosis, investigation are all timely for diving into the deep end and digging down to the depths.   Much is riding with the New Moon in Scorpio due to the forceful nature bent on transforming, reforming, reshaping and re-birthing. Often Scorpio breakdowns and destruction reveal and dismantle any outworn practices and structures,  in order to bring new life, new direction.

Scorpio interests center around investments, shared resources, inheritances, taxes, legacies, trusts and trust, secrecy, mystery, sexuality, obsessions, compulsions and intense emotional bonds.  Scorpio, (Mars Pluto ruled) resides over the sex organs and elimination.  Scorpio afflicted sees betrayals, broken trust, power struggles all become prominent. Pluto in its glory gives empowerment and conviction. It’s no surprise sexual harassment claims are surging as well as the skeletons coming out of the closet regarding off shore investments and their safe havens from tax evasion.

The New Moon in Scorpio makes an inconjunct with Uranus Aries showing up with sudden unexpected adjustments, uncomfortable new conditions requiring  compromising that is inconvenient.  The adjustments may show up with health issues with the sex organs, headaches as well as overall chaos and a torrential stormy period.

Mars and Pluto (rulers of the New Moon in Scorpio) are in a tight square in a tense tug of war. Mars is in its detriment in Libra, lacking conviction, wavering trying to be all things to all people (pleasing), fence sitting, difficulty in making a decision.  Mars Libra in hard aspect to Pluto is being instigated to take a stand and force a hand, sharpening some knives and taking control of some lives.  Watch sharp objects, burns, getting burned, backstabbing.

Mercury Sagittarius is now in its shadow phase and will go retrograde Dec 3rd.  Mercury retrograde is a time for more learning and growth with that sign (Mercury learning with communications weaknesses and challenges). Mercury in Sagittarius is in its detriment, thus communications may lack detachment, rational objectively, fueling more beliefs, subjective bias rather  than facts. Mercury in a fire sign will get heated, loud and righteous which may be necessary in some cases to work through communications that need to be heard.

Jupiter Scorpio trine Neptune Pisces helps take some of the edge off, lighten the load, with a go with the flow, emotionally in tune, release of tension, with enhanced intuitive sensitive attention.  Inspiration, healing, receptivity and any water ritual all bring forth the power of the Scorpio overflow.

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