New Moon in Cancer 2016

New Moon in Cancer 2016

New Moon in Cancer 2016 “Homeward Bound” Simon and Garfunkel

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, resides over home where we go to find inner sanctuary and retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the outer world. The Moon is the tie to anything private or anyone close, sharing your most innermost sentiments and bonds where feelings, emotions are stirred with any threat to security, belonging, comfort, dependency, needs and safety.   The Moon is literally our homing device and emotional radar. Being in  touch with our feelings and working through them is key to well being as is having a close support network, whereby without these bonds and a feeling of belonging, abandonment and a sense of alienation sets in that is the root cause of  much psychopathic behavior and psychosis.

During the Cancer cycle every year, emotions are elevated and ultra sensitive especially due to all the tension in the stars the last while.  These connections or disconnections can be seen with how the Moon is placed in the chart and its aspects and current transits, pointing to areas of emotional distress. Needs are different than wants.  While want is something extra, nice to have, the cherry on top or the icing on the cake, needs are the cake and the base that if missing leaves one literally needy.  Nurturance, sustainability and a feeling of belonging is vital to health and well being starting at the root level with the relationship with caregivers.

The New Moon in Cancer continues to oppose Pluto as it did the last few years igniting intense experiences, obsessions and power struggles.  The Uranus square Pluto transit is separating, leaving in its wake a sense of insecurity that has rooted out a deep sense of exhaustion, emotional turbulence, anxiety and in some cases full blown chronic fatigue, PTSD due to all the stresses and traumas happening whether personally or collectively in acts of terror,  the ongoing violence in the Middle East.  In times of stress it is natural to want to find a place of sanctuary that feels safe with your favorite security blanket, favorite chair or comfort food.

This New Moon in Cancer with a stellium of Cancer planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus) forms a mystic rectangle with a trine to Neptune and a supportive sextile to Jupiter offering up a supportive crutch and warm hug during the uncertainty and fluctuation (Saturn square Neptune) which is all growing to a grand trine with Mars in Scorpio, with an emphasis on water signs and hence much feeling, emotion. The New Moon makes an inconjunct with Saturn calling for an adjustment with responsibilities, boundaries, where barriers could crop up as well as health issues typical of inconjuncts, as Saturn Sagittarius square Neptune Pisces continues in its undertow until September 2016.

The New Moon in Cancer is always a great time to work on a home project and to literally get your house in order. Feng Shui ( the art and practice of aligning positive and powerful energy in your home with color and elements) helps to create surroundings that attract positive energy to you. What and how one surrounds themselves with vital and supporting energy in the home is no different than who one surround themselves with (family, friends, coworkers).  If your home is cluttered and chaotic or your relations and daily life is dysfunctional on a constant roller coaster ride then it only makes sense to attract more of it, hence why it is vital to always keep energies at a level that attracts positive response.

This year the New Moon falls over the US birthday.  The US is a Cancer born nation as is Canada. The US is a Sagittarius ASC (freedom and liberty), the chart ruler of Sagittarius in the US chart is Jupiter in Cancer along with Sun in Cancer where the Sun squares Saturn, showing a relentless tie to conservative values (status quo), therefore racism, discrimination, religious fundamentalism persists due to fear of difference with a warm gun defense mechanism and security blanket.  Canada differs in having a grand trine with Sun Cancer over Uranus trine Saturn Scorpio and Jupiter Pisces showing more inclusiveness, welcoming diversity, uniqueness and immigration.

Mars Scorpio stationed direct June 29th while in an inconjunct with Uranus Aries adding to a week of  turmoil with raised aggression, defiance, disturbance and violence (Brexit, Turkey airport bombing, Bangladesh attack and Baghdad bombing).  Brexit was decided during Mars retrograde.  Making major decisions or starting major projects is not timely during a Mars retrograde cycle.  Mars in aspect to Uranus fueled anarchy, rebellion, panic, made all for independence, breaking from tradition (Uranus), and the inconjunct a major unsettling adjustment period in order. Scorpio is connected to shared monies, unions and resources which coincides with the EU. This all occurring during Cancer is pressing on security and uncertainty with the current Saturn Neptune cycle.

Venus Cancer is tuning into Mars Scorpio in a lovely water trine doing a dance sublime.  With Venus and Mars in harmony, relationships and love affairs are flowing. Venus Mars further create a grand trine with Chiron in Pisces adding much healing energy to any wounds with relationships and softening antagonisms, frustrations (Mars). Venus, at the same time, is also straining Uranus in Aries which adds to sparking up relations that are unusual, eccentric and offbeat.

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