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US Election 2016US Election 2016 “The Heat is On” Glenn Frey

The US Election 2016 race is ramping up as a coin toss, heads or tails, crossed fingers, depending on how you slice it.  I watched a movie on George W. Bush recently, taking me back to those election years, and the hindsight of what would have happened had Al  Gore won the race in 2000 and how this would have affected us to this day.  1998 to 2016 were years riddled with rattling outer planet transits all shaping and encompassing massive shifts and crisis (dot-com bubble, terrorism, 911, Iraq War, deregulation of mortgage housing, economic crisis, ISIS).

These outer planet collective transits define why leaders are chosen as they become the conduit of the energy that needs to be expressed.  Al Gore did not match the energy of Saturn square Neptune 1998, Saturn square Uranus 2000 Saturn oppose Pluto (2001) even though we can imagine the what if’s had he been elected.  Obama is elected as the superman to inherit and repair the accumulated wreck and debris of these times with further strain from 2006-2016 with Saturn oppose Neptune, Saturn oppose Uranus, Saturn square Pluto, Uranus square Pluto and Saturn square Neptune.

The energy we are beginning to enter is in its churning now.  Saturn square Neptune 2015-2016 expressed  the confounding confusion and uncertainty, reflecting expansion and a leap of faith that pegs judgement based on emotion lost in ideals, which fueled the appeal of Trump.  Uranus square Pluto, is still in orb that further resonates to Trump’s ad hoc advocacy and voice for the unspeakable and the unheard, drawing out and exposing the dark undercurrent of misaligned values, plaguing a global climate. Looking ahead to the next election in 2020, we are moving into a major new alignment (conjunction) with Jupiter Saturn Pluto in Capricorn.  This energy aligns with HC chart factors which makes sense that HC best matches the move forward through this next evolutionary stage.

All these cycles show that you can’t skip from A to Z, or from grade 2 to 8, jump hoops or stages.  Whether personally or collectively, you can’t expect to have a peaceful and easy going time with challenging transits (unless of course you are conscious and aware) however, the majority and the collective is still unconscious and just not at the point yet in evolution hence not all are in the know or aware thus will react and behave just as transits, cycles (fate) foretells.

The internet and technology has changed the way we participate in politics. The combination of anonymity, beliefs and being  easily swayed and skewed by online media with increased propaganda,  influences at much more alarming and accelerated rates, seen with more conspiracy theories and media madness run amok, all brought to a high peak with the transit of Saturn square Neptune which trashed further any accountability (Saturn) Neptune (no boundaries).

POTUS Contenders HC/ Trump

HC and Trump are similar, both being unpopular with a race neck to neck which is evident due to sharing some common traits and chart factors.  Both have Mars Pluto in Leo (competitive, ego-driven, ambitious, dictatorial), with charisma skewed by ego (Trump) and lackluster (HC).   What Trump and HC lack in charisma, Trump gains in confidence, HC gains in substance.  Both lack earth planets (self sabotage in how they project and position themselves).  They both have much emphasis over their ASC (rising sign) which denotes strong leadership ability and both have a debilitated Mercury, contributing to  hampered and compromised communications.

HC and Trump come from very different camps, with backgrounds and upbringing.  Trump’s privilege and HC, hardworking class are reflected in their divergent values and character.  Trump has an expressive air/fire chart that is fairly benign with easy aspects while HC chart is strongly water based (private) with harsh and heavy, hard knocks aspects.  The difference in their chart factors just demonstrates how Trump gets away with rebellious, controversial behavior while Hilary is scrutinized to the nines, held up to the highest double standards and misogynist hooks.  While HC quietly soldiers on despite any challenge and gets up from being kicked while down, Trump loudly and bombastically remains the squeaky wheel getting the grease, where Trump’s extroversion is trampling over HC’s introversion.   But astrology and life is an equalizer and what comes up, must come down and visa versa as we will see as the transits transpire up to election day.


Trump is a phenomena and an anomaly, a spectacle, like shiny sparkly things you can’t help but look at, a running animation cartoon that extends past Saturday morning.  Trump continues to defy odds with his behavior with continued support inciting the dark shadow exposing the “say what you really mean”.  With his status and brand, he has been able to captivate an audience, appealing to a typecast of radicals, right wingers,  who don’t need polish, panache or political correctness, that actually prefer it raw, real and rough.  Fuel that with Trump’s salesmanship and the recipe is anarchy as his skills in branding, sales and marketing, PR, surpass substance and character.  The key is Trump has proven he is someone who is successful promoting himself well enough to influence and convince an audience, no matter how rogue his style. What he lacks in charisma, he has in willpower, confidence and showmanship, all helping to promote his brand.

Trump has a chart that shows someone who gets away with much and isn’t challenged. It starts with his inheritance and financial abundance (Jupiter Libra in the 2nd house of finance trine his Sun Uranus node).  His Sun Uranus nodal axis in Gemini is in his 10th house of public life so it fits he is in the public eye.  The Sun Uranus nodal axis opposes his Moon in Sagittarius, thus he was born during a Lunar Eclipse which makes a positive angle to his Mars Leo over his LEO ASC (ASC is how one appears, the mask they wear and depicts the physical body).

Leo accentuated really points out the vanity around his physical appearance, and how he presents himself, tinged with gold (LEO).  His homes, his skin tanned (butterscotch dip), his golden locks and just the overall LION roar facial expression.  The ASC connects to the 1st house (leadership) and with Mars Leo, gives a natural talent to lead, direct, fight battles with strong convictions, self interest, confidence, strength and stamina, however his angular Mars squares his MC (public 10th house) showing antagonism and arrogance, running rough shed, pushy, driven, aggressive, hence him always saying he is a winner and wins big. Trump has 2 Royal fixed stars prominent in his chart with Regulus over his LEO ASC and Algol over his MC (public career).  These fixed stars are powerful and potent adding  much entitlement to win appeal (Regulus) if not kingly status yet also the topple down, losing his head (Algol) and the ugly downside and tumble off his tower.

Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall.  Damage control and regret won’t fix the mess you beget. While Regulus is powerful, it’s also an aspect of great rise and then great fall.  Trump has Saturn in Cancer, where Saturn is in detriment.  Saturn rules over government and public life and his Saturn Cancer is under tremendous stress from Uranus and Pluto, which explains his radical approach contributing to his downfall.   He also has Mercury in Cancer (communications)  which has no redeeming aspects except for a square to Neptune Libra which is being hit with much stress from current progressions in his chart.  This is telltale to his misinformation and inaccurate facts and incessant fiction, spinning all kinds of stories, fears and untruths.

Hillary Clinton (HC)

HC is a Scorpio with a stellium in Scorpio (Sun, Chiron, Venus, Mercury) over her  ASC in Scorpio with a strong 12th house presence.  The 12th house is a house of hidden, secretive, and can be construed as the house of undoing, victim, weak link. HC also has her Moon in Pisces in the 4th house, another house of privacy and hidden agenda which signifies HC overall Achilles heel (too private in a public position which further weakens public trust).  Her chart ruler is Pluto Leo, showing her ability to fight and be a survivor although her Moon in Pisces rules her 9th house of foreign affairs, where much of her weakness was exposed (Benghazi, email controversy).

HC has a chart of someone deeply ambitious and driven albeit, blocked, thwarted and challenged, with her Scorpio stellium square to Saturn Mars Pluto in Leo in the 9th house (foreign affairs).  This is a very complex chart with dark undertones, that indicates someone being crossed in every corner and worked over with a fine tooth comb. Mercury Scorpio over her ASC is exactly square Saturn Leo in the 9th which shows specific difficulty and hardship with communications showing a weak link with her foreign affairs and communication (bad timing, poor strategy and perception, secretive, guarded, lack of transparency).  This is a chart of a serious fighter with deep convictions and explains her cool, no nonsense disposition as well as her guarded, defensive and protective nature which works against her.  It is common with these squares to planets of Mars Saturn Pluto to be a victim of being bullied, attacked and disliked, disapproved, challenged, betrayed and dominated, especially if one doesn’t own or use the energies .

No matter what HC does, she is up against a major wall, whether in public favor or in gaining trust. If any coaching would benefit HC, it would be to be extra careful with her communications, her PR and to be more open, warm and transparent.  Even if she is innocent, it was how her actions and communications or lack of them are perceived, that implicates her.   She has a fairly benign Neptune which doesn’t come across as someone deceptive although her Scorpio stellium mostly posed in the 12th house is the house of secrets, indicative of a very private person who doesn’t seem comfortable being very public which is not fitting for someone wanting to be POTUS. HC progressed chart has many favorable aspects that help her although you can see the privacy/secrecy strong with the 12th house emphasis again connected to Neptune.

Anytime you have Saturn strong in a chart, one suffers more than the usual consequences and doesn’t get away with anything and has to place extra attention to reputation, image and PR. The beauty of this hard energy is building a thick skin, resiliency, coming out stronger, a better fighter, rises above the fray and keeps marching forward, no matter the adversity.   She keeps emotions contained with her Moon square Uranus (detached, cerebral and emotionally removed).  Her Moon is also inconjunct Saturn also toning down the softness of the Moon, grounding and cooling the Moon even more.

HC is not a wall flower and being a strong contender as the first woman leader of the USA, she is not going to be branding her feminine card to compete and explains why she wants to keep any weakness well guarded.   Even though HC maintains a hard shell, covering her feminine side, her overall privacy and mysterious aura (Scorpio) is a double edged sword she carries. Patriarchy has always feared the deep emotional pool of the feminine.  The lunar qualities and private signature of her feminine spirit is not given any leeway and seen more as a threat than as a strength.

HC Scorpio stellium over her ASC focuses on the physical body with some vulnerability as this hard square is tense and stressed and if pushed too far can burn out into exhaustion as this is not an energy that paces itself (workaholic). The recent Virgo Pisces eclipses were hard on HC emulating her own hard Sun Mars Saturn energy in her chart. The recent Solar Eclipse in Virgo was over HC MC/10th house of public office.  The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces was over her Moon Pisces, explaining how trying to keep her health issues private became very public. Mercury rules her career/MC which makes anything in her communications put under a microscope.

HC ASC is questionable (no true verified birth time) which has many in astrological circles question HC behavior as not matching or not exuding her Moon in Pisces although Moon Pisces would explain the fainting and a Pisces Moon with a Scorpio ASC confirms her Moon is in her 4th house ( private domain, low profile, feminine or emotional side kept under wraps) where only those close to her see the real her.  Further her Scorpio ASC is how she presents herself to the world (private, controlled) and Pluto ruling her chart, in Leo square her Sun, further depicts the privacy of Scorpio.

Debates and Transits

The debates fall during the Libra cycle with a New Moon in Libra over Jupiter Libra emphasizing both Trump`s and HC Neptune in Libra (giving the debates a spin on ideals, amplifying any truth vs fiction, myths vs facts). The first debate will be neck to neck as transit Venus (Scorpio) favors HC and transit Mars in Sagittarius favors Trump with a harmonious angle to his Mars Leo ASC while the Moon in Leo creates a fire grand trine with Uranus Aries and Mars Sagittarius, heated with plenty of bravado and machismo. The second and 3rd debate shift as Mars in Capricorn will favor HC but hurt Trump due to it impacting his afflicted Mercury Neptune (heated, combative, impulsive).

The debates all favor HC with Venus in Scorpio running over her Scorpio stellium, her ASC,  her 1st house as Venus Sagittarius moves over her Jupiter Sagittarius.  Jupiter in Libra is also favorable for HC due to playing well with her Neptune and Leo stellium.  Mercury Virgo plays well with HC Scorpio stellium while over her MC which will focus on facts. Once Mercury moves into Libra, it plays well with her Neptune and Leo stellium.  Chiron is now trine HC ASC and Mercury which could present further facts around her email issues that could further prove there is no legitimate issue. HC has positive favor from transit Saturn in Sagittarius trine her Mars Pluto Leo and sextile her Neptune while Pluto Capricorn sextiles her Venus.

Trump began his campaign during a very favorable Jupiter Leo transit (June 2015) which accented many areas of his chart, especially moving over his MARS LEO ASC.  Trump maintains his popularity with transit Uranus Aries trine his Mars ASC Leo and sextile his Sun Uranus, helping him continue to play the devil’s advocate (Uranus) while he keeps holding his audience spellbound with his antics.

Trump may find the first debate fires him up as Mars Sagittarius trines his Leo Mars ASC however  Trump is not favored by Mercury Virgo as it will exacerbate more harshness and a critical nature with his Gemini Sun Uranus oppose Moon Sagittarius and further when Mercury moves into Libra to  square his Mercury Cancer.  Jupiter Libra is only going to accentuate the negative of his Mercury square Neptune (more overblown BS but little substance).

Since transit Mars in retrograde triggered a tense square to his Mar ASC in Leo, the gravy train is derailing for Trump, all spiraling downhill.  Transit Saturn Sagittarius is on route over his south node and Moon Sagittarius in the 4th house, opposing and hindering his Sun Uranus Gemini, tainting energy to literally go south and take the path of least resistance to the lowest common denominator.  Saturn rules public life and the government and is at its lowest point transiting the 4th house and weaker still over the south node as his undoing. Transit Uranus square his Venus Saturn Cancer is adding the harsh element of blunt,  just say anything that comes to mind.  Transit Pluto also square his Chiron Jupiter 2nd house is not faring well for trust with lack of or shady information about his financial affairs. Transit Chiron is tsquare his Sun Uranus oppose Moon Sagittarius  which is pressing on a painful realization and a sore spot for a potential  sore loser who will be eating lots of sour grapes after all his illegal activity is exposed.

I drew a tarot card for both Trump and HC. I was amazed at how accurate one card expresses their dynamics.

Trump TAROT 5 of swords.  There couldn’t be a better depiction of Trump than the 5 of swordsThe  five of swords is typical of the tyrant or bully, confident and arrogant, wanting to win at any cost, take advantage of other’s  defeats or weakness or preys on other’s taking credit for others hard work, finding any means of exploiting or gloating over victory.

HC TAROT  7 of wands.  The 7 of wands is a card of struggle due to not being prepared, whether with competition, conflict or with challenge.  Although a card of strong conviction, skill and determination, it lacks the savvy and is a card of poor planning and strategy, weak PR, positioning, image.

US Chart

How each contender matches with the US chart tells much about how compatible each are with US values.  The current transits to the US chart tell much about the state of the USA. Transit Neptune square the US ASC/DESC, Saturn over the ASC, all indicate a very disordered and confounded state. Enter the current contenders who just magnify these attributes.

Trump  has a strong Cancer emphasis in his chart that connects with the US  Cancer stellium, hence the  strong  tribal support he receives.  What is very revealing is how Trump`s Sun Uranus in Gemini sits over the US Mars in Gemini and squares the US Neptune in Virgo, where he embodies the anger of the US populace, and further the delusion, distortion and confusion, easily swayed and lead with the US Mars square Neptune, essentially seeing  Trump as their savior or holy grail. Trump’s Jupiter Chiron in Libra  sits over US Saturn Libra which amplifies the Saturn conservative, republican, right wing principles.

HC over the US chart is more supportive with her Scorpio stellium and Pisces Moon harmonizing with the US Cancer stellium, however her Moon Pisces square Uranus Gemini creates a tsquare with the US  Mars square Neptune, hence her values and emotional expression confuse and disorient the populace.  HC Leo stellium aligns with the US Sagittarius ASC, Saturn Libra and Gemini DESC, balancing the discrepancies.

Election Day

Saturn square Neptune on its way out from the last year, singing a tune of I can see clearly now, is edging more toward ethical and higher truths which is not favoring Trump.  The Moon is VOC (void of course), most  the day in Aquarius and moves into Pisces as the voting cycle is complete.  This Pisces Moon favors HC Sun.  While the Scorpio Sun will work in HC favor over her Scorpio stellium, it will square her Leo stellium, keeping the email scandal a thorn in HC side.  Jupiter on the other hand is helping her Leo stellium while Pluto is sextile her Venus and Mercury ASC.

The caveat and what is most interesting is Lilith (Dark Moon) is in Scorpio and is over the US Election as well as HC Scorpio stellium.  Lilith represents rebellion over patriarchy and Regulus is also on the cusp of Virgo which shows a more feminine power than the traditional Leo King lord.   Even though HC actions have been questionable, her imperfections pale in comparison to Trump and many still trust HC has the right character, diplomatic values and overall principles to become POTUS.



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