Full Moon in Gemini 2016

Full Moon in GeminiFull Moon in Gemini 2016 “I Believe in Father Christmas” Greg Lake (RIP)

“Thinking is difficult. That’s why most people judge” Carl Jung

The Full Moon in Gemini (December 13 2016) is a dose of critical thinking and impartial reason needed in the face of Sun Sagittarius opinion, emotion and subjective bias.  Gemini, ruled by Mercury, puts emphasis on the power of words, writing, speaking and communications.  The Full Moon in Gemini is put to test oppose Saturn Sagittarius, squelching with somber restriction, weighted responsibility pondering heavy thoughts and expressing words of wisdom.  Saturn represents cold, freezing, brittle, dry states and an indicator of weather conditions with more than the usual nippy and frigid climate.

Mercury, ruler of the Full Moon in Gemini, is currently join Pluto in Capricorn, adding some intense mental perception, set to go retrograde over the holiday season (December 19th to January 8th 2017).  Mercury retrograde starts around winter solstice with Mercury moving direct over the winter solstice point, putting focus on the darkest day with Mercury redirecting to an inner light, to guide through the darkness while not being pulled into it.

The Full Moon is at 22 degrees Gemini, overlaying Trumps Sun Uranus in Gemini oppose his Moon in Sagittarius, showing the growing threat and natural Saturn consequences of uncovering suspicions of him being tied to Russian hacking, corruption and possibly losing the electoral college.  The overall duality and mutable expression of Gemini and Sagittarius is very apparent with Trump as he flip flops from one side to another as Trump takes full advantage of the flippant favor of Gemini that can spin something to suit his changing agenda.

Last year (2015) with the New Moon in Sagittarius and the Full Moon in Gemini, the New Moon joined Saturn square Neptune, starting the bane of 2016. I had a premonition that the transits in 2016 were posing a very difficult year, which hit up many personally and collectively including terrorism, the US Election and the concern with the rise of Trump.  The current line up of planets into 2017 is now showing up with the consequences, corrections, the need for damage control, the righting any wrongs and seeing justice.

There is a many sided face to this Full Moon in Gemini (rightly so with mutable, multifaceted, double, dual signed Gemini and Sagittarius) and to which side you decide to give weight to.  The challenging cardinal tsquare building with Jupiter Uranus Pluto and the mutable square of Sun Saturn Chiron gets counteracted with a couple of balanced kite formations of Sun Moon Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus.  The cardinal tsquare of Jupiter Uranus Pluto fear factor filled with anxiety gets a ready dose of the Sun Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus kite courage (Uranus Aries) and brave fortitude to fight a good fight (Mars), charging the root chakra with grounding energy in the face of the unknown and uncertainty (Neptune Pisces south node).

The Full Moon in Gemini oppose Sun Saturn Sagittarius forms a square to Chiron Pisces.   Difficult Saturn transits often trigger depression and lethargy, particularly at this time of year near the winter solstice darkest days, as many suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) coupled with challenging Saturn transits felt all the more and seen more with those who have difficult natal Saturn aspects and transits.

While clinical depression that turns into more critical mental illness disorders are to be checked and guarded, Chiron reminds that a normal cycle of the blues, feeling wounded and sad is to be acknowledged and accepted as part of life and being human. Meditation guides toward acceptance, allowing any emotion or thought to move through, release some tears and fears, to avoid issues becoming stuck and stagnant. Meditation also teaches that thoughts are things where we have a conscious choice in what to give attention to. Transits show that this too shall pass.

The overall energy is air and fire dominant with lesser attention to water, keeping the energies charged with an open mind, observant yet detached. The kite patterns give an added boost of happiness (Jupiter) to combat any of the depressive Saturn heaviness, some comedy to combat the blues and some Mars blood in the veins to beat any defeat.  Coping mechanisms at this time of year seem to be readily available with Christmas cheer, adding lots of light, colorful festive foods and fruits, decorations with plenty of color, sweets and chocolate for pleasure and music for soothing the soul remedied further with plenty of Vitamin D, Calcium and getting out of the head with fresh air, action and activities, letting the wings of air let you soar above the heavy clouds of despair.





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