Solar Eclipse in Leo 2017

Solar Eclipse in LeoSolar Eclipse in Leo 2017 “Blinded by the Light” Manfred Mann

The total Solar Eclipse in Leo August 21st will be in view over North America between mid morning to early afternoon, and in full view over parts of the US  demonstrating more direct impact on those in North America with spectacular results for those in the US.  It  makes complete sense the focus of matters over the US in a critical state.  The Solar Eclipse follows an intense Balsamic Moon phase the last few days, where the Moon Cancer created a grand square showing up with intense effects to the political climate, problems with protests, Virginia white supremacist riots, Barcelona attack, nuclear attack threats all after the undertow of the opposition pole of the south node Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius the last few weeks.

Solar Eclipses are supercharged New Moons and a time of major new beginnings, taking on new paths, albeit after major endings.   New Moons are the darkest phase of the lunar cycle, however during a Solar Eclipse, due to the Moon blocking the Sun’s light, the Sun’s energy and light is literally eclipsed, blocked, blackened and darkened.  Being this is a Leo Solar Eclipse makes this eclipse even more powerful as Leo is ruled by the Sun and blocking the ruler of its light, sees the repercussions at its finest. The fire emphasis of the Solar Eclipse in Leo, ruled by the Sun is ever more fighting to expose the light.  Fire has the ability to burn away any debris and clear out a path, however when the light is being darkened or impeded by the eclipse, the light it is more pressurized to force a presence, and ever more magnetized and why it is so crucial one doesn’t look directly at an eclipse unless with special looking glasses.

With the Solar Eclipse in Leo, the dark side of Leo energy gets enhanced, especially pointing to areas that may face critical karmic intersections and implications, whether with relationships, jobs, money, health etc, depending on your level of awareness and consciousness. If one is working their energy in its highest form, the eclipse can have powerful positive effects.  Look to your chart as to the house and any planets in Leo close to the 28 degree point as places that could get eclipsed.  The first house could show change in direction or to physical body, the 7th house, a big change in relationships, 11th house, major shift in friendship, 6th house, a change in health or work status etc.

The darker energy of Leo negativity is vanity, over confidence, narcissism,  pride, arrogance, attention seeking, bossiness, lording over, superiority complex, autocratic, haughty, inflexible, self centered and self absorbed  which will have some needing to swallow their pride, eat some humble pie and eat some crow. Leo rules the heart and upper back which may see more broken hearts, heart attacks, upper back injuries. Ego bruising and excess arrogance will show upstaging, fighting for the spotlight, stealing the show.  Any solar energy underestimated or downplayed, will work extra hard to find a place to shine, be seen or heard.

During the black out of the Leo Sun, Leo operating with its highest potential  has a chance to take a look inward and plant seeds for revitalized activity whether with entertainment, a new creative project, children, fun, room to play, recreation. Leo confidence has a gift of finding or nurturing talents with fixed focus and to shine with radiance. Any work with the 3rd chakra and solar plexus has added benefit to channel the the solar energy positively.

The Solar Eclipse in Leo is strongly fire focused with much emphasis on all the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) which gives the eclipse heat, drive and purpose. The overall energy has a positive angle to Uranus Aries that can show positive sudden surprising shifts. The Solar Eclipse also forms a grand trine in fire with Mars Leo and Saturn Sagittarius that fuels momentum to take responsible, moderate (Saturn) action (Mars).  Male (Mars) energy is strong and vital. The Solar Eclipse further creates a kite pattern with Jupiter in Libra (good fortune and luck).  This energy pattern, while mostly positive, is also open to aggression ,excess and over the top indulgence as its harmonious nature is unstoppable and needs careful and deliberate channeling! It’s like the adage, give an inch and they take a mile, taking for granted and advantage of a good thing, not appreciating something until it’s gone.

Venus in Cancer is amplifying any negative force, as Venus Cancer is in a hard angle with Uranus Aries, completing a grand square just coming out of a tsquare with Jupiter Libra square Pluto Capricorn, seen clearly with all the intense heavy energy the last week. Venus (feminine, female, women, relations) may see damage, strain, radical swift turns in relations, break ups, separations, broken agreements , nagging compromise, impatience, oversensitive,  over reaction, feelings hurt easily. Stomach (Cancer) issues

Mercury retrograde adds a snare to the Solar Eclipse with its fiascos, accidents, communication break down. Mercury in Virgo is pushing for healthy practices, clearing any toxicity while Mercury Virgo in its darker moments, is critical and harping on any detail, getting caught up with sweating the small stuff while negating what is really important.   Uranus Aries is also in a tight semi square to Neptune Pisces continuing for the next few years (addiction, sleep disorders, lies, deception , escape, weakness, forgetfulness, confusion.)

The Solar Eclipse in Leo is particularly potent and poignant over Trump’s Leo ASC indicating it is a direct hit to Trump’s leadership (ASC -leadership). Trump becomes the poster child of this Solar Eclipse in Leo, epitomizing it’s darkest and harshest impact. Trump energy is an all out example of how energy that is easy can get out of control with entitlement, arrogance and leading down a garden path of sloth, greed, envy,  pride, gluttony, wrath, lust.  Trump is also under the last tough transit of Saturn Sagittarius oppose his Sun Uranus Gemini in the 10th house, challenging his authority and public life.  The Solar Eclipse in  Leo sits over Regulus (Royal Star) which is also over Trumps ASC.  Regulus sat at this last degree point of Leo for centuries where ruling classes, monarchy, kings, queens of autocratic rule all had absolute power. In the last few years Regulus moved into the early Virgo degree, emphasizing humility and service, showing that Trump is the force of light that will obliterate any last notion of supreme rule.




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