Solar Eclipse in Pisces 2017

Solar Eclipse in PiscesSolar Eclipse in Pisces 2017 “Ring of Fire” Johnny Cash

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces February 26, 2017  at 8 degrees is the last in a series of Solar Eclipses in Pisces the last few years that completes a cycle of Virgo/Pisces lessons and evolution, and sums up a time of closing down, with one door and chapter closing, ready to open a new door and chapter, tuning out and time out to leave open a void ready to tune into the next stage in consciousness. With the ability to surrender into imagination, Pisces is able to reach beyond what seems feasible and intuits what isn’t seen or heard while dancing over the razor edge of uncertainty, ambiguity and paradox, keeping one literally on their toes.

Turning inward, releasing and relaxing has been the focus of the south node eclipses in Pisces which brought out the shadow side of Pisces (uncertainty, delusion, confusion, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression). The Solar Eclipse in Pisces falls on the last legs of the south node in Pisces, over Neptune Pisces which highly sensitizes the eclipse with Pisces potency where the south node is indicative of a weakening influence, culminating as well as putting to rest and to pasture all the dismay on sorting facts/vs fiction, falsehood and fantasy in hopes the lessons learned with the Virgo/Pisces polarity are well ingrained and resolved.

In the next few months as the Virgo/Pisces nodal axis continues to wane and pass away, all the fakery and falsehood is getting a final light on its shadow, waking up those sleep blurry eyed from a deep slumber of dazed and confused. The Virgo north node continues to clean up your act, get organized, get your work house in order, use common sense, clean out the rest of those closets and clear out any debris in order for a fresh new start final nail in the coffin for anything that is working against you or depleting growth (addictions, deception, disorientation, scattered forces, distraction, forgetfulness, apathy, fatigue).

With a strong emphasis on Pisces, the sense of being castaway and lost in isolation is looking for a new horizon of hope, faith and charity. Uncertainty has been a preoccupation and theme the last few years. In the midst of fear, anxiety and uncertainty is the up side of Pisces faith and hope.  The two sided coin of the 2 fish keep us tuned into the positive side of release, surrender and letting go to help  relieve pressure during times of stress and overwhelming challenge, having faith that you are taken care of and release the need to control.

Dream activity and intuition is enhanced now. Dreams conjure the process of visioning.  In our dreams, we begin to create our aspirations that somehow form and set in motion visions and intentions. Pisces gives the open opportunity to release any limitations, boundaries or judgement that allows a space to be more inclusive, expansive and with the sky as the limit and endless possibilities.

Neptune Pisces tunes into all things poetic, musical and artistic with soul, looking for a place to escape into some fantasy whether with film, books, music.  Pisces often is the romantic longing from a distance, knowing the pain of unrequited love, the love that got away, loves from a past and déjà vu, with unconditional love and fairy tales of happily ever after loving sinners and saints alike.

Venus and Mars are both in Aries helping to keeping the fire stoked and from being water logged and drowned by the watery Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Venus Aries is sitting still, ready to go retrograde March 4th where anything with relationships, partnerships, cooperation gets a test on putting oneself first looking out for number 1. Mars is fierce, fearless and daring in its home in Aries at its best which sets up the tone of the eclipse ring of fire.

Mars began its trek in Aries just at the start of the Chinese New Year as the Fire Rooster, which really fired up a new start with energy and drive, up for the next adventure, newness, stepping out where angels fear to tread. Mars creates a tense configuration with Jupiter Uranus Pluto.  When Mars is afflicted, competition, anger, conflict, head butting, inflammation, flare ups, shake ups, tremors are on the rise.  With Mars join Uranus Aries (headaches, speed, impatience, anxiety) in tense aspect to Jupiter Libra (back issues) (diabetes).


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