Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces 2016

Solar Eclipse in PiscesSolar Eclipse in Pisces 2016  “Dreamboat Annie” Heart

The Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces (March 8) holds much in its promise of eventful circumstances. As eclipses go, they always bring up the past/future with the north and south node nodal axis as markers of time and as Solar Eclipses, supercharged New Moons, set a brand new beginning and intention with far reaching outcomes.  The Pisces eclipse season began last March with a Solar Eclipse in Pisces however, the current eclipses align with the ecliptic with the Sun Moon nodal axis all closely in line, making it a Total Solar Eclipse which extends the vibration and impact over a long period of time.   The nodal axis is key as a pointer to direction and evolution. With the nodal axis in Virgo (north node) and Pisces (south node), we are dealing with Pisces, ruled by Neptune intuition, emotional (right brain) and Virgo, ruled by Mercury logic, thinking (left brain) themes. The main challenge is KISS, keeping it simple stupid and keeping perspective (Virgo) while going down the Pisces long winding road.

With the north node in Virgo, the goal and evolution is the future, growth moving toward the unfamiliar or untried with a Virgo aim (discrimination, facts, health, clarity) however with this Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces on the south node, a go with the flow with an eye and ear to the past is taking precedence with Pisces dreams, fantasy, visualization and imagination and a time to utilize the south node gifts to help propel one toward future potential.  The north node is an area we need to learn more about and move toward with all its uncharted territory and the south node is where we can resort to tried and true past accumulated knowledge and experience to guide and teach with the overall goal of keeping balance between the polarity of the north and south node axis.

South node eclipses have a reputation of weak, negative influence, typically due to the south node focus of drawing out  misaligned or self defeating behavior. The worst case scenario of the south node is akin to taking things for granted, being born with a silver spoon in the mouth, not motivated to strive, develop or improve, resorting to the path of least resistance or the lowest common denominator.

With so much emphasis on the south node eclipse with both Neptune Pisces and Chiron Pisces, it seems likely that some unfinished business and past issues need sorting out and that can mean anything from wanting what feels comfortable and safe (known, inherent talent, easy), dwelling on past mistakes, being pulled to the past, succumbing to worn out outmoded actions, not trusting in moving forward to untap potential or stuck in a stalemate, your own prison or impasse calling to address old talents, skills or bad habits!  Suffice to say, we have and will see the effects of these eclipses with south node endings and much passing away with reference to Pisces/Neptune themes (artists, musicians), major floods, addictions, delusion, dementia and deception, storms and major weather shifts.

As we evolve over time, revisiting the past can give perspective to how far we have come, with changes,  growth in relation to the past.  Some may find a strong draw to the past, caught up in a time warp, the same old same old while others are hardly recognizable from the person they once were. No matter, this eclipse is a ripe time to indulge in some blasts from the past (I tuned into a radio station playing all kinds of songs from the past that I haven’t heard in eons and no commercials ahh), fantasies, unwind and unravel in some regression therapy, nurture dreams and allow imagination to take hold and your visions to come to life.

Take the time to indulge your escapes, quiet places of solitary sanctuary, (best in silence, without words, near a body of water) meditate, wander aimlessly and forget about pressed schedules for a time.  Prepare with rituals of water therapy, juice cleanses, liquid diet detox, taking past wounds and issues and casting them out to the sea or write a message in a bottle to the universe! When in doubt, it’s also a time to pray and ask for help from you spirit guides as they are more accessible now. Use oils such as lavender (tranquilizing and calming), surround with white flowers and candles and utilize crystals, especially quartz crystal, to help open channels and the crown chakra.

This south node eclipse in Pisces is accenting Neptune and Chiron in Pisces,  open for inspiration, vision, spiritual quests, however due to the confounding nature of this eclipse, for some this can mean more uncertainty, being scapegoated, feeling lost, disoriented, draining, addictions, falling prey to hoaxes, cults, gurus that take one down a delirium path of deception and scams. Neptune Pisces is an open vessel and void that holds no boundaries hence the draining process and unravelling.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces, ruled by Neptune, with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces over the eclipse, is highly sensitized, fragile, impressionable and many times gullible and open to much influence both negative and positive with wound unraveling (Chiron Pisces) and feeling victimized, alienated addressing things from the past and any unfinished business in order to really give them that last acknowledgement. Neptune is generally a beneficial energy as long as you don’t let it swallow you up as nebulous Neptune tends to expand on insidious confusion, making it challenging to get clear direction, however this energy is the perfect time to allow those thoughts and feelings to come to the surface, emotionally surrendering to their call while keeping a mental detachment and trusting in what’s unfolding.

All this Pisces regression is serving a purpose to help clear out the past and cleanse in order to move forward with a clear perspective to the Virgo north node. At these intersections in eclipses, many past souls may be meeting up again, becoming more conscious of past lives with more recognition. This can be unsettling as what was once invisible, becomes visible. I find it really common that people and circumstances are invisible to anyone or anything, not ready to see yet, somewhat akin to potential and until you exercise those potentials or higher loftier aims, you don’t open that door or channel.

The key to the eclipse is potential and the work you do to tap into the potential it holds for you. Potential has a wide range as you can take the best energy given to you and spoil it or waste it.  The affect of Pisces imagination and vision is well inspired in music and the arts and this time is right to nurture and put your energy toward your dreams or visions …and you don’t have to give up your day job. Everyone is capable of magic and it’s all in your fingertips. A vision board is a great way to begin the process and putting visuals around you to keep you focused on what you want to surround yourself with. Music is also a great background, with sounds to stimulate and juice up your visions.  Dreams and sleep are harbingers of your visions and unconscious higher self so taking up a dream diary is very powerful now. Accent sleep with extra magnesium, Vitamin D and melatonin as these will help open up your third eye and pineal gland and tap into those deep dreams.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces is a mixed bag of positive and negative with a positive sextile to Pluto Capricorn which gives much positive initiative and power to the eclipse with stirred up profound imagination and depth of insight.  It is also a healing component that revitalizes any of the yearnings and helps keep the effusive Pisces grounded (Capricorn) and thus gives the eclipse some needed gravity to put in the effort toward a dream.   Pluto makes a trine to Jupiter which gives it even more momentum and lucky (Jupiter) potential.  With these major positive aspects fueling the eclipse, the focus is critical, as with the visualization potential of Pisces, what you spend your energy on now will show results. Make it work for you by taking action on the houses/aspects this eclipse focuses on.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces is also making a nasty, harsh tsquare with Saturn Sagittarius and Jupiter Virgo,  testing and giving lessons with relentless karmic implications of a nefarious tone. This is a mutable tsquare with a whole lotta changing minds, neurotic inconsistency, instability, fractured and divided, requiring much flexibility and adaptability. Jupiter is in its detriment in Virgo and Sagittarius is far from optimal in Saturn, turning this tsquare into something of a nightmare. Mistakes are polarized where tsquares tend to bring out the worst in energies so all Pisces Neptune issues of delusion is getting a curve ball from Saturn  minding boundaries, limitations, obstacles and consequences (forcing addressing weak boundaries and crossing boundaries) responsibility, accountability, aging, reality, skin issues, broken bones,(Saturn) from any over idealizations, excess, exaggeration, inflamed, poor judgement (Jupiter).

Mistakes may be pronounced as failures, flaws and imperfections, messes get lit up, yet the message of Pisces is there are no mistakes. Mistakes are part of the learning curve without 20 20 vision as hindsight, so it is useless to beat yourself up.   Some of the most successful people have had to endure the most failures proving that the more you keep trying, the better you get at problem solving, learning and exercising many brain synapses. Taking risks and risking failure and rejection is a part of winging it. If you don’t take a leap, you stay in a safe corners without the chance to develop more skills  and awareness.

It never ceases to amaze me how the stars show up in the world as this eclipse is really picking up on  the current political climate (circus) and so many situations of exercising really poor judgement.  Ironically, Trump’s Sun Gemini/Sagittarius Moon (born during a Lunar Eclipse) is crossing the missing Gemini leg t of this eclipse, creating a colossal Moon Wobble (crisis point) with this eclipse  as he shows up as the poster boy of this energy pattern.  The problem with hard Neptune transits is when you are in them you are blindsided, duped and under some kind of spell or enchantment,  but once out of them, its waking up to WWUT (what were you thinking …or why weren’t you thinking). Pisces boundaries tend to be weak and can be caught with being gullible, naive and too trusting. Pisces is a magical energy to help inspire although the imagination can run amok off on some horizon with no tangible purpose.

Mars is on fire in Sagittarius, shooting from the hip ready to go retrograde adding an edginess and sharpness to the eclipse.  Watch hostility, irritation and impatience escalate and grow the next few months while being subject to projection of anger, being someone’s punching bag.

It’s no surprise the Oscars run during a Pisces sojourn every year as Pisces/Neptune resides over glamour, fashion, movies and music.  Leo, has a lucky break with the current eclipse as it creates a grand trine in water to his Scorpio Sun Venus and Cancer Saturn. It was nice to see Spotlight win for best movie, winning for content in respect for real life stories.

Drugs and Pharma going through some shifts with calling out big pharma drug price gouging and legalization of cannabis, while bringing down drug lords, making it accessible medically to help with many illnesses including migraines, pain management etc, and while its seems everything else is going to pot, in some cases it’s a good thing.





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