Full Moon in Sagittarius 2017

Full Moon SagittariusFull Moon in Sagittarius 2017 “Midnight Rider” Allman Brothers

The Full Moon in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is looking out for growth, expansion, the next big deal where the grass is greener.  Itchy feet are ready to roam, explore, travel and venture out on a new horizon. Jupiter focus is on the bigger picture where when in a happy place, will reward with extra lucky breaks. The duality of the Full Moon with mutable Sun Gemini oppose Moon Sagittarius incites movement, change, a gypsy desire for freedom, rambling, restlessness and wandering, always on the go, where the status quo can blow. The Full Moon is hopeful, care free, open minded with an honest, straight shooter, foot in mouth say it like it is attitude.

The Sun Gemini oppose Moon Sagittarius is Gemini words to Sagittarius more than words away from the everyday ordinary to future otherworldly, open to more than the current to the what if. Sagittarius and Jupiter rule over beliefs, religion, faith, law which vary with uniqueness and individual preferences, keeping from pigeon holing right wrong, different perceptions.  Open to the possibilities stretches the limits to a more fresh inclusive perspective instead of one mind set held with the same old same old.

Mercury is currently in Gemini. Gemini is the sign of tongue twisters (she sells sea shells by the sea shore)…gymnastics of the mind. Gemini is meant to tackle a myriad of information and mastermind mind fields of messages. Gemini is about how we use our mind. Neuroplasticity is the new rage as to how science can actually log and measure physiological changes in how our brains are working with our thought processes, with every thought having an impact on our neural pathways.  Humans and animals are habitual creatures that are programmed to stimulate the same pathways over and over again. When we wonder why nothing significant changes in our life it’s because we not only keep doing the same things over and over again,we keep thinking the same things as well (definition of insanity is doing (thinking) the same thing over and over again expecting different results).

The Full Moon in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, can get caught up in over reaching, over doing, over eating or over thinking, probably mostly mentally and in communications with busy minds with much coming and going, running around on short trips (Gemini) and long journeys (Jupiter) just in time for the start of summer short get out of town road trips or take the long way home, distant rounds abouts.

The Full Moon, with all its emphasis on more,  has lots going on in many directions. The Full Moon separates with a square to Neptune Pisces, with a trail of wanderlust and desire for escape, lost in the clouds daydreaming, unsettling in its wake.  The Full Moon builds to conjoin Saturn Sagittarius adding some serious, deep thinking, wise counsel, strict judgement, calling out any consequence and injustice, challenging gossip and hearsay that clouds reality and truth. The Full Moon applies to a grand trine with Uranus Aries and the nodal axis in Leo, releasing in a fired up grand finale.

Jupiter, the ruler of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, has had an ongoing underlying tension with Jupiter Libra square Pluto Capricorn that completes in August 2017 during eclipse season.  Jupiter square Pluto began late 2016 with its extreme and obsessive entanglements with legal issues, judgement, beliefs and the last few months have shown its effects (Libra bridges) with attacks in the UK (2 on bridges – Westminster and London).

Venus sextile Mars keeps a balanced even keeled equilibrium to relations. Venus Taurus moves out of feisty Aries after Venus Aries long sojourn n retrograde. Venus ruling Taurus is in its happy place focusing on beauty, calm, sensual pleasure, easy flow, laid back and congenial associations. Mars Cancer focus is on home, family, comfort and emotional connections.

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