Full Moon in Pisces 2017

FullMoonPiscesFull Moon in Pisces 2017 “Do it again” Steely Dan

The Full Moon in Pisces follows the Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Leo making it significant as a full moon is the fruition of the New Moon, bearing fruit as the harvest from the seeds of the New Moon.  Solar Eclipses have enduring impact and a wake of influence that extends long term. All the fires of the eclipse are now awash in water logged overflow of the Full Moon in Pisces.  Mother nature shows the effects,  with catastrophic floods, wild fires, hurricanes.  It’s no coincidence that the Solar Eclipse in Leo that was most in view over the US, is showing specific turmoil over the US.

The Full Moon in Pisces with the Sun Virgo oppose Moon Pisces brings up all issues related to health, work, duty (Virgo) respite, rest, retreat, rehab, healing,  hospitals, isolation,  (Pisces).  The pendulum swings between Virgo organization, order, work ethic, hung up on details and the Pisces push to let it be, don’t sweat the small stuff, let sleeping dogs lie and let bygones be bygones. Pisces message reminds that all the messiness, difference and disorder is a by product of living and breathing where you can either go with the flow, rise above the fray or get submerged and drown in the misery.

The Full Moon in Pisces joins its ruler (Neptune Pisces) and harmonizes with Pluto Capricorn helping to sooth with emotional substance and a sensitive unconditional acceptance of what is, embracing imperfection and mistakes with forgiveness and compassion. Dreams have depth and open to a portal of fulfillment, making visioning powerful, manifesting what you put your attention to. Any water, artistic or music ritual will help to activate the Pisces experience.

When Pisces is afflicted the dark side comes out with distortion, disorder and confusion.  The Full Moon in Pisces squares Saturn Sagittarius, casting a heavy hand of repercussions and consequence from escape, passive aggression, blaming others, not taking responsibility.  The Full Moon is also semi square Uranus further escalating chaos, stormy weather, uncertainty, victim hood, lost faith, feeling lost and distracted, overwhelming sensations, weak judgement, unwinding and coming undone, enabling and delusion.

Addictions and drug interactions are on the rise and gone awry, mostly as a means to cope with stress, pain, trauma and growing uncertainty. In an ideal Neptune world, drugs are prescribed to help alleviate and soothe pain, heal ailments and cure disease. Neptune on the slippery slope goes past the point of no return into substance abuse and addictions whether with drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, seeing lives ripped apart with a constant drip drip, can’t enjoy life unless injected with some substance or thrill leading into pervasive creeping withdrawal that must find the next hit.

Mercury retrograde stations direct on the Solar Eclipse degree point (28 degrees Leo) emphasizing any  Solar Eclipse in Leo carry on mayhem, drama, gambling, with a Pisces response of drunken stupor, doped up, debauchery, wild debacle, adding to the merry go round spin that says let’s do it again.  Mercury makes a positive favor to Uranus giving another chance for a liberating new expression, free of strife that says time to get a new life.

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